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Advanced Review: The Steam Man #1


By Joe R. Lansdale, Mark Alan Miller and Piotr Kowalski

The Steam Man starts off as the steampunk version of Pacific Rim, but by the end of the issue you realize it is so much more. The Steam Man is a story concept by short story author Joe R. Lansdale. The concept is that in the year 1895 we are attacked by deadly alien forces. To fight these alien monsters a man invents the Steam Man, an iron giant piloted by a crew of 4 men located in the head of the robot. It turns out that the aliens are not the only threat to the human species and The Steam Man becomes the protector of the human race and enforcer to anything that poses a threat. Cue The Dark Rider, a vampire-like horror of the night who along with his army of killer ape creatures, called Moorlocks, are ready to hunt.

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