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Review of Sex Criminals #5

Sex Criminals #5Sex Criminals #5 by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky

There comes a moment in every relationship where you have to face reality. The first days are full of giddy excitement, hormones raging and adrenaline surging. You have met someone you click with so easily, it’s just chemistry, there’s no other way to explain it. Sure he/she may not be perfect, but #### it, it’s not like you are. We all have flaws, but they’re irrelevant. What is important are all the ways in which you take delight in each other, cheer up each other and more or less improve your days. Nothing could be sweeter.

Or more vulnerable. Time is the true test of all relationships. Habits which might be endearing one day, seem oh-so-grating the next. The stress of work intervenes; family drama elbows for attention. The successful romances are the ones which find a balance between all the push and pull of life. The rub, of course, is figuring out how that is done.

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Review of Hawkeye #17

heBy Matt Fraction and Chris Elipoulos

Issue 17 of Hawkeye uses the talents to of artist Chris Elipoulos to create a bottle issue about a children’s cartoon in issue six and satire superhero comics as well. In it we follow the story of the cartoon dog Steve the non super powered member of the Winter Friends who has to save the day from bad guys. While it’s silly it also works as view of what Hawkeye would be if it were like other generic superhero comics. “Steve” the dog that’s a Hawkeye stand in has the girl companion (stand in for Kate Bishop) that he’s a dick to but she still wants to join him and the big lug (stand in for Grills) that becomes the unlikely sidekick as they go on an adventure to save The Winter Friends (Avengers stand ins) which he inevitably does but not before some mild adversity while another team (crossover stand in) helps until Steve saves the day and get’s the girl dog companion in the end. This is an analogy for the Hawkeye comic you would be getting with the generic route done to utilize Elipoulos talents as an artist. The one where Clints a douche bag but still get’s the girl and always wins. It’s a dishonest Hawkeye. While that certainly makes me appreciate what we get from what is still the best superhero comic on the stands I’d still rather read that book then a satire of another.

Review of Hawkeye #15

HAWGUY!!!!Hawkeye #15  By Matt Fraction and David Aja

Hawkeye, a title which 6 months ago was holding on strong to a spot on Dean’s top five current books.   Over the last six months though it has slowly begun to drop with a few confusing issues and a plot line that seemed to be spinning it’s wheels. Upon picking up issue #15 Hawkeye was no longer sitting in my top five, hell I don’t even think it was on the top ten radar. I always enjoy it, it was just lacking the magic it once had.  These things are usually caused by delays and then a few weak issues.  Well no fear friends, because Hawkeye #15 brings the book back to it’s full form!  We finally returned to the chart topping Hawkeye I have grown accustomed to.

There are so many great things in this issue.  First off Aja absolutely crushes the whole issue (no surprise).  From the terrific first two pages to the horrific last two pages Aja constructs a beautiful page worth staring at.  The issue is full of action, adventure, mystery and humor.  It is the witty humor of Fraction that just kills me on this issue.  I love all the little things he brings to the table.  The use of the crossword puzzle throughout the issue is brilliant.  Every time there is a panel focusing on the crossword I am left studying it intently, looking for clues and connections.  Clint and Barney are quickly becoming one of my favorite brother combos.  The careless demeanor they both carry creates a fun lackadaisical feeling to the brother dynamic, even though you know they both do care deeply. I do love and miss Kate with Clint but in this issue Barney finally rose to the challenge and held his own as Clint’s partner in crime. This was an excellent issue, one of the best of the week.  It will have you on the edge of your seat reading and still manage to conjure up some giggles.  Watch out for those last two pages they’ll get you!

Bro, you gotta pick this book up bro. You got an issue with that bro? Bro, you better not have a motherfutzing problem with it bro.  If you don’t buy this book bro, bro you’re gonna be in big trouble bro.

“Eight letters. A male rapper…envelopes?  I don’t get it” – Barney Barton