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75 Years of Experimenting with Wonder Woman’s Doctor Poison

Sensation Comics 2 Doctor Posion Harry G Peter
Harry G Peter

On Friday, Woman Woman’s first solo live action film will premiere in US theaters. Fittingly her primary antagonist will be Ares, a character possessing a long, storied history with the Amazonian princess. He is the Joker or Lex Luthor of Diana’s Rogue’s Gallery, the mirror image which defines who she is. Played by the talented British actor David Thewlis, there are high hopes for Ares to be a commanding presence on screen. In addition, Warner Brothers has confirmed what many fans have long suspected: Diana will face off against a second adversary, namely Doctor Poison. While Doctor Poison debuted several months prior to Ares, the character has never had the prominence of the God of War. Still Doctor Poison’s roots are tied to the earliest of Wonder Woman’s exploits.

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Review: Wonder Woman Rebirth #1

Liam Sharp

By Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark, Sean Parsons, Liam Sharp, Jeremy Colwell  & Laura Martin

Created 75 years ago by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, Wonder Woman has had a long eventful career both in comics and other media. In that time she has grown into one of, if not, the most iconic heroine in the history of comics. As with any other character possessing over seven decades of storytelling, she has accumulated a bit of baggage over the years. As with Batman, any new creative team approaching the character has a variety of, sometimes contradictory, interpretations from which to draw inspiration. Usually the writer will pick one or two elements which most appeals to them and pursue those ideas. For his part, Greg Rucka takes this creative process and blends it with the story itself. The result is an intriguing premise for what could be a bold new era for the Amazonian Princess.

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