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2017 Eisner Award Nominees

Kill or Be Killed, Saga, Paper Girls, Black Hammer, Criminal,  Astro City, Mockingbird & Beasts of Burden appear to be the nomination leaders. Details below Continue reading 2017 Eisner Award Nominees

Indubitable Issues and Pull List (10/05/16)




Tyler’s Recommendations …
greenvalley1Green Valley #1
“A new series from Max Landis with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli. Landis has a pretty solid track record in my opinion, Camuncoli’s art is fantastic, and the medieval-ish setting has me intrigued. The solicits seem to infer that something about the world is not as it seems, so I’m interested in finding out more.”

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SDCC: Max Landis Writing a Pepe Le Pew Movie?

Pepe Le Pew

OK, so someone at Warner Brothers decided that we needed a Pepe Le Pew movie.

They also decided that Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra & Superman: American Alien) was the person to write it.

Pepe was a member of Warner Brothers’ stable of Looney Tunes characters. He spent most of his time ogling black cats and refusing to hear “no” as “no.”

Could this be the same project that reportedly signed Mike Myers to voice the lead back in 2010?

The mind truly boggles.

For more, see Deadline.



New Max Landis Series Via Skybound

GreenValley01-Cover-1b0f7Max Landis of films like Chronicle, American Ultra and Victor Frankenstein along with comics such as Superman: American Alien & Adventures of Superman will writing a new creator owned ongoing series titled Green Valley with art from Giuseppe  Camuncoli of The Amazing Spiderman, Swamp Thing & Daken: Dark Wolverine. It will be published through Image Comics and Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint. More details at CBR

Superman Two Could’ve Been The First Superhero Film To Win An Oscar Or What The DC Cinematic Universe Should’ve Been

Superman American Alien 6 Ryan Sook

The fallout over Batman vs Superman Dawn Of Justice continues as a film that was setting sales records opening weekend has now fell behind their main competitors Captain America Civil War in total global box office despite having a two month head start. Executives are being let go and promoted, Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns are now going to be the saviors of the film universe just as current director Zach Snyder was supposed to be after Green Lantern failed to be the studios Iron Man. I have not seen Dawn Of Justice so I have no real insight into what made that particular film not work other then I thought Man of Steel was really stupid and by all indications, Dawn of Justice looked even stupider. Which isn’t to say I don’t want to see another Superman movie, a Superman movie that establishes an expanded DC Universe and as a byproduct  an expanded DC Universe in and of itself; I would absolutely love that. I watch every Marvel & X-Men movie in theaters only because a few of those movies have been legitimately great and they rarely are anything less then decent. It takes a lot for me to not want to see a superhero movie in the theaters but Man of Steel was mostly garbage; so much so that having the same creative minds for the next film combined with the feeling that the film was going out of it’s way to pander to viewers like me, I didn’t see Dawn Of Justice. Keep in mind I saw the Deadpool movie, I hate Deadpool and I love both Batman & Superman with every fiber of my being. I am constantly getting into arguments with non comic readers as to why Superman is amazing, I wrote about it a couple time’s here, my favorite comic of all time is a Batman one which in fact, is a story that Dawn of Justice was primarily based on, But by the time of it’s release, I had no desire to see the first major motion picture featuring both Batman & Superman together in addition to Wonder Woman, The Flash or Cyborg; all comic book character’s that I would also love to see in a movie, just not a movie that is probably terrible. What is so frustrating about DC’s failure to create a Superman movie that is borderline decent is that they had two great possible Superman films sitting right in front of them in Max Landis Superman American: Alien & Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Had someone at the studio had the good sense to work with those film makers visions within a Superman film, they could’ve made at least one good Superman film that would’ve established many of the basic expanded universe concepts cinematic ally and a squeal that was not only an amazing movie, but one that could’ve have also established the larger DC Multiverse within the cinematic one.

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This Week’s Finest: Superman American Alien #1

STK6887361-300x461by Max Landis, Nick Dragrotta, Mathew Clark, Alex Guimaraes & Rob Schwager

As I debated whether or not to purchase this issue, I had to ask myself, “Do we really need another retelling of Superman’s origin? Why shouldn’t I just turn on Smallville or flip open any of the infinite comics versions?” Despite my reservations, I tossed it in the already huge comic book stack because of the names on the cover. Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Superman American Alien #1

DC Has Another Superman Mini-Series & Batman Is Hanging With The Turtles

Untitled-2-f3754DC will have another Superman mini-series titled Superman: American Alien written by film & Adventures Of Superman writer Max Landis with a different artist on each issue like Jock, Nick Dragotta, Jae Lee, Joelle Jones & more.

Meanwhile, writer James Tynion IV of Constantine: The Hellblazer, Ufology, The Woods & Talon will be teaming up Batman with the Teenage Mutant Turtles. Freddie Williams II of JSA, Mister Miracle & Robin.

Superman American Alien #2 Review

cby Max Landis, Tommy Lee Edwards, John Workman, Ryan Sook

Max Landis is one of the biggest Superman fans around, and a terrific writer to boot (having written the screenplay to Chronicle and the silent Kyrptonite-Man chapter in Action Comics Annual #1). His video on Superman’s death “breaking comics” is one of my favorite critiques on modern comics. In short, Max Landis needs to write Superman. So few people have an understanding, much less appreciation for the character these days and part of that is the lack of compelling monthly stories that other heroes enjoy.

Superman American Alien is basically, Superman in the a “real world” context. One part Superman: Secret Identity and one part Man of Steel, its about a Clark Kent that feels more human. He can bleed, he can get angry and he can get scared. Of course we’ve seen all this from Superman stories before, but together all at once the [;pt really has to call for them otherwise they make the story meaningless.

Clark Kent appears to be an average awkward teen, having a burgeoning romance with Lana Lang and friendship with Pete Ross. The quiet life of Smallville is shattered when a trio of angry youths begins shooting the town folk. Clark tries to avoid intervening, but eventually has to in order to save a family of innocents. His methods border on extreme, but the violent trio is alive to be arrested by police. The story ends with Clark promising his mother he will never do that kind of thing again.

The art by Tommy Lee Edwards has a nice sketchy, illustration quality to his style. It’s rough but feels vaguely genuine, as though he sketched all of this in minutes from watching it in real life. The detail he puts into the town, scenery and perspective is no less impressive than what his younger contemporaries are doing. In a way, his style reminds me of Sean Murphy with his use of line and the way he renders figures. I’ve been of fan of Edwards’ art since I read the Question miniseries he did with Mark Verheiden.

Seeing him work on a Superman story is a joy, and makes a nice complement to Landis’ script which feels both retro and modern in a weird way.

Superman American Alien #2 doesn’t hold many surprises, but its always welcome to have a good Superman comic on the shelves.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

Review of Adventures of Superman #40 digital edition

3601347-81scg+mi2pl._sl1500_By Max Landis and Jock

This issue is rather brilliant in that it’s essentially The Joker and Superman arguing about why Batman is better. In it you get the usual nonsense of Supe’s being a boy scout and boring ect. Superman calls him on this and goes on to ask Joker “Are you secretly dumb? …so far it seems you’re trying to come off smart and crazy but most of the stuff your saying is just vapid and ridiculous” which is a remarkably on point take down of the modern iteration of The Joker post the 2008 Dark Knight film. Max Landis creates a study in contrast that shows both the value of Superman as well as why he could never be like Batman. Jock’s art is fantastic as always. While the issue is just two people talking he makes it exciting by his illustrations of facial expressions, the city in the background, the angle that he shows the characters from, the scale that he makes the buildings ect. I’ve been saying that Adventures of Superman is the best DC Comic going right now and I don’t think it’s changing anytime soon. It proves that the problem isn’t Superman in a modern context. The problem with Superman is using interesting ways of writing him. This comic continues to do that and this is probably one of the best issues yet.