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Freeze Frame 2/17/2018

From Sideways #1 by Kenneth Roccafort & Daniel Brown

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Advanced Review of Heart In A Box

cby Kelly Thompson & Meredith McClaren

For better or worst, with comics, you usually know what you are going to get on some level. So much of the industry is driven by intellectual property or genre and as such, those properties and genre’s use tropes that play on a readers familiarity. It’s a catch twenty two; as a medium, comics are only limited by the imagination and ability of their creators but as an business, those imaginations are driven by formulaic constructs to appease the industries financial stakeholders. It’s why up & coming comics pro’s that start in creator owned books do intellectual property comics to gain exposure and why so many of them leave those IP books at the height of their fame because they don’t have to do them anymore. Because of that, comics are rarely surprising in a way that a great novel, film or television series can be. Sometimes they are surprising in how they upend the tropes of their genre or how they use those tropes or find something new and unique about it. Kelly Thompson & Meredith McClaren’s Heart In A Box is surprising in a different kind of way, it’s surprising in how it disregards genre, how unique it’s story and perspective are, how fully formed it is as a concept, as a story or as a character study, how its familiarity feels so human and overall, surprising for it’s unequivocal excellence.   Continue reading Advanced Review of Heart In A Box