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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (12/16/15)




Patrick’s Recommendations …

Web Warriors #2
“Get your helping of Spider Gwen with some Spiderham on the side”

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Updated: All The New October 2015 Marvel Series Via Bleeding Cool

635689708958153536-marvelIn addition to the Warren Ellis project, Bleeding Cool is announcing several new Marvel series & creative teams. They are as follows:

Update: Newsarama confirms The Vision series by King & Walta

Sean Ryan & Cory Smith will be taking over Nova

Writer Nick Spencer & artist Daniel Acuna will be taking over Captain America from Rick Remender & Stuart Immonem

Jeff Lemire & Humbert Ramos Extraordinary X-Men is confirmed from this interview on CBR

New Avengers title relaunching with writer Al Ewing & artist Gerardo Sandoval

S.H.I.E.L.D will be relaunched as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D with writer Marc Guggenheim taking over on writing duties and artist Mike Norton becoming the full time series artist

Writer Gerry Duggan & artist Ryan Stegman will be taking over Uncanny Avengers from Rick Remender & Daniel Acuna

Scarlet Witch series written by James Robinson

Carnage series from Gerry Conway & Mike Perkins

Ultimates comic in the mainline Marvel continuity by Al Ewing & Kenneth Rocafort 

New Illuminati series by Joshua Williamson & Shawn Crystal

New Vision series from Tom King & Gabriel H Walta

Mike Costa will be continuing Spider-Verse as Web Warriors with artist David Baldeon

Daredevil by Charles Soule & Ron Garney

Uncanny X-Men by Cullen Bunn & Greg Land

Extraordinary X-Men by Jeff Lemire & Humberto Ramos

All New X-Men by Dennis Hopeless & Marc Bagley

New X-23/Wolverine by Tom Taylor & David Lopez

Venom: Spaceknight by Robbie Thomas & Ariel Olivetti

Howling Comandos of S.H.I.E.L.D by Frank Barbiere & Brent Schoonover

Angela Relaunch With Marguerite Bennett remaining as the main writer on the series and art from Stephanie Hans & Kim Jacinto

Deadpool relaunch by Gerry Duggan & Mike Hawthorne

Writing duties on Old Man Logan will be taken over by Jeff Lemire with Andrea Sorrentino remaining on art.

Thor, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Ms Marvel, Amazing Spiderman, Legendary Star Lord, Howard The Duck, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Spiderman 2099 & Silk will also feature the same creative teams that are currently writing the books.

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Indubitable Issues




Patrick slings for…
cSpider-Verse #2
Perhaps the most surprising in a series of surprisingly great Secret Wars tie-ins is Spider-Verse. One of the coolest in the Secret Wars cannon, writer Mike Costa arrives here doing a Spider-Gwen story that captures the spirit of the fan favorite (& currently superior) Spiderman without feeling derivitive of Latour & Rodriguez work while artist Andre Lima Aruajo visual narrative is a dynamic, vibrant & exciting in it’s fast paced and def defying visual story telling. The coolest thing to happen to Spiderman since Spider-Gwen

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Review of Spider-Verse #5

Spider-Verse 5 Andre AraujoBy Mike Costa and Andre Araujo

I have been very impressed with Marvel’s Secret Wars event. I am surprised with how many of the tie ins I enjoy. I dealt out a lot of high grades a couple weeks ago in the Secret Report Card. Sitting amongst the bright spots in the class is Mike Costa and Andre Araujo’s Spider-Verse, with a grade of A-. We are nearing closer to the conclusion of Secret Wars and so some of the early released titles are coming to a close. There has already been a few disappointing conclusion to some books that I was really enjoying. The thought began to creep into my mind that all of these tie ins were going to end in some lame, uneventful way. It is hard to fit a cool “else” world story into 4 or 5 issues with such high profile characters and really nail the landing. Some of the endings have felt a little rushed, like Red Skull for example, a book I was a huge supporter of.

Well, issue #5 of Spider-Verse marks the concluding issue of a story that has been tons of fun and very cool. This time I have good news, Costa and Araujo completely stick the landing in this concluding chapter.  They make sure their lead characters (Gwen, Peter and Ham) get enough feature time in the issue while also making sure there is a seriously evil scheme which needs an act of heroism to thwart. The spider team is funny, charismatic and dynamic as usual.  This issue and really the whole series had it all. A confused Gwen that isn’t sure whether she wants to be a part of this spider gang and a Peter Parker who has no spider powers but still manages to be a hero. Oh, did I forget to mention Ham who can get hit really hard without feeling it.

A major part of why this book was a success is the art by Andre Araujo. His illustrations, much like the story, is light and fun. He set the tone and the scene to allow for Costa to really have a good time with all these interesting iterations of Spider-Man. Araujo was able to keep the book comical at all times, while still getting a few intense action sequences into a short run.

This series was surprisingly very good and one of Battleworld’s best. This is definitely a book that can survive beyond the walls of Battleworld. If you skipped this mini series, make sure you check out Web Warriors. I have high hopes.

  • Dean

Review of Spider-Verse #1

detailby Mike Costa and Andre Araujo

You ever notice while you are reading a comic book you have a parallel memory running in your head. That’s what happens to me. Even crazier, as soon as I notice it, I can’t really remember how the memory relates anymore. My name is Dean Manness and when I get bored or frustrated…happy or excited…hungry or sleepy, I read comics.

Spider-verse #1 is of course another Secret Wars tie in. However, as each book does, it brings it’s own twist to the characters. The Spider-verse is home to a number of Spider-Men and Spider-Women. It appears they are all having an identity crisis. None of these Spidey’s knows who they are or what they are doing in Battleworld. The oversized issue is focused on Gwen Stacey as she opens the issue as well as closes it. Each Spider-Man has their own way of dealing with the confusion, which was the most interesting part of the story line. Costa has taken multiple characters, who seemingly are all going through the same loss in memory and given them all unique voices, along with different ways of handling their unfortunate situation. One Spider-Man is using his scientific mind to figure out a way to not only use his confusion to aid his spider sense but also to find out what connects them all. While another is actively searching for answers in the workplace of her killer.

There are two internal monologues, one by Gwen and one by Pavitr. Both give you a sense of what is going on inside the heads of these confused heroes. Gwen’s monologue, which I parodied above, expresses how she gets faint reminders of her life, but then they fade and she is left to try and fit together the fuzzy pieces of the world she is in, a world where she is presumably dead. Pavitr talks of deja vu and presque vu meaning “already seen” and “almost seen” respectively. He relates his gut feelings as a “if you build it, they will come” moment. A moment that only the movies can teach you about, although he isn’t entirely sure that movie he is referencing even exists. These internalized thoughts mixed with a handful of witty Spider-Men make for an enjoyable issue.

Spider-Gwen is the star here. I will leave you with one of her quotes to prove my point.

“I spent two whole weeks working out the angles of the cameras. I even used a protractor. Have you used a protractor once since the eighth grade? Of course not. You’re not a kick-butt super hero.”

Spider-verse isn’t just fun and jokes, we are going to be lead on an emotional awakening with these characters. This book is better than you thought it would be.

– Dean