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Freeze Frame 10/13/2017

From Dark Nights Metal #3 by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion & Ivan Plascencia

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Freeze Frame 12/09/16

From Island #13 by Jack Cole

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Review of Black Science #17

307212._SX640_QL80_TTD_By Rick Remender, Matteo Scalera and Moreno Dinisio

If you recall, last issue was the countdown to the pillar’s final jump. However, Rebecca selfishly programmed the pillar’s jump to go to a dimension where her brother is still alive. So, months later we get issue #17 of Black Science, with no idea where the dimensionaunts ended up or what dangers they now face.

This opening chapter of the new arc focuses on Grant. He is followed in this world by a floating creature who can only ask the questions “Who, what, where, when, why and how”. Grant continually gets comically frustrated with this creature, threatening it’s life a few times, yet always provides him with an answer. It is quite humorous and a fun way to get everyone caught up with Grant’s affairs. I hope this isn’t the last we see of his googly eyed buddy.

Grant has been in this strange dimension for years now. A dimension where he struggles to remember the past, but is driven by his intent of the future. Grant is having dreams of his childhood and it appears that whatever he dreams up, soon appears in this world. Also, Grant talks in the mirror to an amphibious version of himself. My best guess, Grant is in some sort of limbo state right now where he has to overcome the struggle within in order to wake up. Perhaps he is in a coma and needs to get over all the shitty things he has done before he can regroup and find his children. Whatever the case, Grant is in over his head in this world and he must find a way out of it.
The dimension Grant is trapped in is called Godworld. Seeing as that is the title of the arc, I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire 5 issue arc took place here. We have seen Grant trapped alone before, but we usually jump away from it pretty quickly, which can cause confusion. I wouldn’t complain if we stayed with Grant for a few issues on Godworld as he faces his struggle and finds that hero we know is inside.

We have come to a part in the story where things have drastically changed. Last issue was like the last episode of a TV series that leaves you on a huge cliffhanger. If this was a TV series I would be extremely satisfied and impressed with this returning episode. It’s a perfect way to come back from such a huge game changer by throwing us years into the future and forcing us to fill in the blanks. Remender writes a fantastic issue, highlighted by his hilarious floating question beast. Matteo Scalera also does what he does best. He creates a beautiful and imaginative world, while also throwing in some intense action scenes. I always find myself tensing up in the Black Science action scenes and all the credit goes to Matteo.

Great return for Black Science. Still one of my favorite Image books.

  • Dean