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The Rough Guide To All New, All Different Marvel

Fall is upon us but while Secret Wars and it’s many tie in’s sit in delay purgatory for the time being, Marvel is once again relaunching it’s superhero line with a whole bunch of #1 issues for their comics. With that said, the publisher is moving from a different position than they were in with Marvel Now & All New Marvel Now. With the former, Marvel had a lot of young creative talent that they were able to re-position during the relaunch to give their line a fresh make over and give creators they had brought up on  their lower tier titles a higher profile like Jonathan Hickman, Jerome  Opena, Esad Ribic, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Jason Aaron or Rick Remender. After Marvel Now was a success, they added several new talents into their fold by building off the success of the original relaunch, giving creators like Ales Kot, Tradd Moore, Michael Walsh, Felipe Smith or Michel Fiffe their first shot at a major comics launch with the publisher. Now, much of the talent from both those initiatives has moved on from the publisher. In their place, Marvel has new creators coming on from all sorts of different mediums in addition to some of their old standby’s like Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Waid or Greg Land, and they are publishing a lot of comics. Probably too many. Below is a list of all the announced new series categorized into grouping of Yay, Mayhaps or Nah like we did with Secret Wars. Keep in mind that I won’t be including series that are basically the same creative talent and that Marvel will surely have more books to announce in the months ahead.

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New C3PO & Red Wolf Series From Marvel In December

cMarvel announced two new series over the weekend for both their Star Wars & All New, All Different Lines of comics. The Star Wars book will be a miniseries based on the C3PO character by the team behind the critically acclaimed and fan favorite Starman run of James Robinson & Tony Harris. Marvel also announced a new Redwolf ongoing series spinning out of the 1872 Secret Wars series written by Nathan Edmondson of Black Widow, The Punisher & The Activity, illustrated by Dalibar Talajic of Empire Of The Dead, Dexter & Master Of Kung Fu and  Native American comics creator Jeffery Veregge as cover artist, designer & creative consultant. More details on C3PO at CBR & Red Wolf at Mashable

How The Image Kids Briefly Took Over Marvel

Young_Avengers_Vol_2_12_TextlessRecently, Marvel announced several new series that inadvertently pointed towards the end of an era for the publisher by leaving out a few names. When Marvel revealed their All New, All Different, Marvel Now line up, the announcement left out Kieron Gillen Ales Kot, Nathan Edmondson & Rick Remender, writers who between the four of them had written various iterations of the X-Men  and Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Darth Vader, The Punisher, Venom, Black Widow, The Winter Soldier and more in their time at Marvel comics. That combined with the already announced departure of Matt Fraction & Jonathan Hickman points towards a sea change with the publisher where the majority of creators the company recruited off of their work at Image Comics are no longer writing Marvel comics; the Image era at Marvel has ended. While we are now in it’s twilight, I predict Marvel’s Image era will always have a place in comics cannon, the brief period where the outsiders got inside access and created some of the best superhero comics of their time while altering the direction of both Marvel, Image and by extension the entire comics industry. Continue reading How The Image Kids Briefly Took Over Marvel

Review of Black Widow #20

DIG061661_1by Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto

When I was in college, my econ professor always said that, you have to keep your integrity because once you give it away, you can never get it back. I’ve never forgot that.

On it’s twentieth issue, Nathan Edmondson & Phil Noto end their fantastic Black Widow series with a comic that is tragic and harrowing about the dangers of ideology.

From it’s debut, Black Widow was one of the  best series at Marvel comics. It wasn’t as innovative as Moon Knight, as impactful as Ms Marvel or as boundary pushing as Secret Avengers, but what it was instead, was a comic that felt personal & unflinching. Writer Edmondson was able to tap into his interest & knowledge of geo-politics and retrofit that into the Marvel universe while artist Noto created a stunning pulp style visual narrative. In it’s final installment, Black Widow looks back to the characters past to explain her present determination. It’s the same person that we see today, singularly driven, brave and cooly efficient in her purpose but the key difference is the ideology. Where as the Black Widow of the present is driven by the desire to help others, the person of her past was driven solely by allegiance to an ideology and that ultimately, made her a monster. The Black Widow of the cold war is only loyal to “the red room” and as such will destroy anything in it’s service including a family and a close personal friend in this issue.

The way that Edmondson & Noto show this is haunting. Natasha is devoid of any emotion or passion, she is only driven by duty. Black Widow murders four people in this issue, all four of who trusted her implicitly and she commits those killings without a shred of remorse. She kills two parents in front of their child, she kills her friends boyfriend while he is fishing, she kills her friend in the shower and then she kills her friends pet cat. It’s the classic example of blind ideology in that when you put it above all else, you can justify anything done in it’s act. If that sounds depressing or vacant, that’s because it is and that’s the point. I would think if there is anything to take from this issue or series in general, it’s that ideology isn’t the be all end all and no matter how much you may disregard your or others humanity, it will never leave you. It haunts Natasha because of course it will. You can’t outrun yourself, your past will never leave you and your actions will always effect others. No matter how much you think you can trade away all that away for a belief, institution, nation ect it’s never an even bargain. For Edmondson & Noto, their Black Widow series was about the payback & how ultimately, she could never break even, the value of what she took away from others and gave away from herself is just too high.

Original Sin Thangs


So in addition to the Original Sin series Marvel will be releasing an anthology of tie in mini series including a Young Avengers series from Adventure Time Ryan North, a Lockjaw series (?!?!?!?!?) from EGOs Stuart Moore and OG Heavy Metal illustrator Rick Geary, a Jonah Jameson series from Spiderman Dan Slott and The Ultimate’s Cataclysm (and a whole lot more) Mark Bagley, a Dr. Doom series from Fantastic Four current series writer James Robinson, Hulk vs Iron Man from current series writers Mark Waid and Keiron Gillen, a Deathlok series from Nathan Edmundson of Black Widow,  a Howard The Duck story (c’mon man) and a Black Knight story in addition to tie in issues of Avengers, Deadpool, Mighty Avengers, All New Invaders, Fantastic Four, Amazing Spiderman and Nova. Select series from the anthology will be spinning out as ongoings. More details at Marvel

Review of Black Widow #15

cby Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto

Black Widow has been such a consistent book for Edmondson, Noto and Marvel. It would be easy to say here in issue #15 it is just business as usual, delivering a fantastic espionage tale. However even in issue #15 they are still able to keep the story fresh. For fourteen issues one thing has been clear, Natasha always keeps her cool, even in the face of danger. These last few installments she has been working through her kill list and she still has everything under control. In issue #15 I see something I haven’t seen all series, I see Natasha lose her cool. Natasha is a loner. She suppresses her feelings, buries them deep inside. There is no time for personal relationships, no time for disappointments, no time for praise. The life of an assassin does not allow room for feelings. But this whole story arc we have seen that this kill list is definitely personal. Natasha is at the end of her rope, she is hanging on by a thread and for the first time all series I watch her make poor decisions. Natasha recklessly pursues any lead she can get her hands on and she pursues it with relentless force. Her poor decisions inevitably lead to her capture and now the Black Widow has to do one thing she never wanted to do, rely on someone else to save her.

I don’t know how many times I can say this but here is another fantastic installment of Black Widow. This issue especially stands out because we finally see that Black Widow is not perfect, she cannot always escape every situation and she does not always make the calculated risk. She is human just like the rest of us, so like the rest of us when her emotions get the best of her she makes poor decisions which have led to unwanted circumstances. I can’t wait to see the spider get out of this web.

– Dean





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pnThe Punisher #2
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