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Freeze Frame 8/7/2015

From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parket
From This Dammed Band #1 by Tony Parker

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Freeze Frame 7/3/2015

From Action Comics #42 by Aaron Kuder
From Action Comics #42 by Aaron Kuder

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Freeze Frame 6/5/2015

From Midnighter #1 by Aco
From Midnighter #1 by Aco

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This Week’s Finest: Neverboy #3

26240By Shaun Simon Tyler Jenkins, and Kelly Fitzpatrick

Do you remember the days when you would read comics, not to catch up on your favorite character or understand how the universe is all-new and different and still the same, but to just read comics? You might pick up a book, just a random comic, and would read it it out of curiosity to see what it was about. I miss the simplicity of that, because I feel like its a lost skill I have to reacquire. Thankfully Neverboy #3 exists to put me on the path.

I knew almost nothing about Neverboy going in, and I might know even less now. But, I really, really enjoyed reading it.

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Neverboy #6 Review

26243by Shaun Simon, Tyler Jenkins, Kelly Fitzpatrick

The miniseries closes out with Neverboy making the ultimate sacrifice to save the real and imagined worlds!

Julian Drag has ignored the warnings, and is letting the imaginary world bleed into the real, turning fictional citizens into fictional monsters. Neverboy and Vanessa do their best to do damage control, but Neverboy realizes its up to him to let his essence fade away and begs Julian to paint him. Julian has a sudden change of heart, and agrees. Neverboy fades away, Julian becomes a famous artist, and Vanessa gets rejoined with Neverboy to prevent future troubles between the two worlds.

Art-wise there’s alot of wild imagery without a moderate amount of detail. It works in its own way, not slowing the reader down and letting the action just exist. It’s consistent throughout, with the art gelling with the plot. The plot, however, feels unfinished by what it leaves out.

The suspense of the plot is lacking, in that Julian does a 180 in his motivations after deciding to hell with everyone else last issue. The second time Neverboy begs for Julian to stop, he does. There’s a time crunch with Vanessa trying to buy time by encouraging children to counter the monsters with happy thoughts, but its not enough to develop much urgency for the resolution. Likewise, Neverboy’s realization in how to solve everything feels lacking as well. Wouldn’t he become a monster because of Julian painting him since that’s what happened to all the other imaginary characters? He also knew his existence in the real world was causing problems, so you’d think that would’ve provided a clue as to how to solve things quicker.

The resolution is somewhat lost on me because of the issues I didn’t read, however the story wraps up in a nice bitter-sweet way until the last page. Not as deep as the previous issues and a little rushed, but it ends decently enough.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

Neverboy #5 Review

cby Shaun Simon, Tyler Jenkins

I’ve missed this series, both emotionally and literally. Since I chose a previous issue as The Week’s Finest, I fell off from the book

In this issue, Neverboy has decided to give in to reality and let his fictional wife and son “die”. Despite being imaginary, he still mourns their loss and wants the best for them. At the same time, the artist he helped previously, Julian Drag, has begun abusing the imaginary realm and its inhabitants. Some of them escape, and ask Neverboy to stop Julian from destroying all of reality in his mad quest.

Tyler Jenkins’ art is top notch here, having an expressive and surreal style to illustrate the loneliness of the characters as well as the bizarre happenings.

What feels like reading Grant Morrison comic on a Sunday afternoon, Neverboy #5 continues its quiet excellence and makes me yearn for a complete volume containing all its goodness.

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