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The Man of Steel on an Expense Account

In this week’s issue of The New Yorker (cover date August 8th & 15th), Darrin Bell offers up a fresh spin on the Superman/Luthor confrontation:

Superman New Yorker cartoon Darrin Bell

“The gentleman says, ‘You tell me you’ve got a dastardly plan, then I’ll swear to defeat you, and then we can both expense this.’ ”


It may be time for mild-mannered Clark Kent to have a chat with the Daily Planet’s HR Department . . .



“A Ghoul in a Maternity Room” – The False Legend of a Charles Addams Cartoon

During his lifetime, cartoonist Charles “Chas” Addams (1912 – 1988) drew many macabre cartoons that made his audience (perhaps somewhat uncomfortably) laugh.  Addams is primarily remembered today as the creator of the “Addams Family” – an assortment of odd characters (Morticia, Lurch, Gomez, Uncle Fester) that appeared over the years in various Addams gag cartoons (the characters remained unnamed until Addams was asked to name them for the 1964 ABC television series based on his creations, The Addams Family).

However, Addams’ ghoulish creativity was not limited to those characters.  As noted by author H. Kevin Miserocchi in The Addams Family: An Evilution, Addams’ impressive artistic output spanned approximately sixty years and generated thousands of cartoons, and the Addams Family characters only appear in about 150 of these cartoons. And one legendary cartoon attributed to Addams is pure fiction – “A Ghoul in a Maternity Room”.

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