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Want to know what covers caught our attention this week?

Curious what our eyes fell in love with at first sight?

Well, here they are, the most memorable images on the stands this Wednesday . . .

Creighton is caught in the grip of . . .

Sons of the Devil Franics Manapul
Sons of the Devil #5 by Francis Manapul

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (7/15/15)




 Josh’s Recommendations:
Island #1
PRETTY DEADLY artist EMMA RIOS and KING CITY, PROPHET, and MULTIPLE WARHEADS writer/artist BRANDON GRAHAM bring you a new ONGOING COMICS MAGAZINE. Each issue holds three issue-length chapters of new work from various creators around the globe. PRINTED OVER-SIZED WITH NO ADS!
“Image creators running wild on an over-sized anthology? Why haven’t we begged for this before? This sounds like the best $7.99 you could spend this year on comics.”

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Cthulhu Asks Tough Questions – The Nic Klein Interview

Every week, malevolent cosmic deity and comics connoisseur Cthulhu critiques comics via Twitter (@ClockpunkEllis).  Cthulhu also reaches out to comics creators on Twitter  to ask them tough, personal questions.  This week, Cthulhu contacted Nic Klein, the co-creator and artist of the comics series Drifter, to ask him a tough question.

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Freeze Frame 4/2/2014

Meanwhile this happened-Pat by Ulises Farinas from Judge Dredd; Mega City Two #3



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Freeze Frame 3/5/2014

nova meets cosmo
Cosmo is quite happy to see Cosmo once again-Cosmo
by David Baldeon from Nova #14

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Review of Drifter #4

Drifter 4by Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein

I have been praising this book from it’s onset and honestly I was going to take a break reviewing it this week. I was under the impression that I have said everything I need to say. I have expressed how it came out of nowhere and really surprised me. I have written two reviews and a few Indubitable Issues to share that I think this book is worthy of your money. So what else is there to say? Well, then I read issue #4 of Drifter and there is no way I’m not writing about it! Issue #4 is the strongest issue so far and one of my favorite books this week.

What makes this issue so good? I’m glad you asked. At the beginning of this series we are dropped onto a planet neither we nor Pollux understands. We slowly start to learn about the strange world as characters and landscapes are revealed. By issue #4 we have started to get a handle on the world we are in and start to wonder when something big is going to happen, then something big happens. The beginning of the issue sees Pollux take a shovel to the face of a decayed type creature I like to call walking dead. This awards Pollux a meeting with the leader of the deathly creatures. Which does so much as put Pollux on their map and these creatures on ours. It was a simple yet great scene where we see that our man Pollux “aint scared of nothin”.

The one things this series has been lacking is a real loveable character. Enter Lima. A young girl who can put a smile on the face of even the toughest ruffians on the planet. She delivers my favorite line of the series so far:

Big – “Mr Emmerich don’t enjoy conversation”

Lima – “How do you know what he likes if he never spoke to you?”

This smart aleck kid is the comedy relief the book was needing. The combination of Lima and Pollux, although they haven’t really interacted yet, is the perfect blend of light hearted and dead serious.

The best part comes in the final scene where it appears it’s hinted at the possibility of another Pollux on the planet. We know his ship crashed landed over a year ago even though he has only been on the planet for a few days, possibly a few weeks now. It makes sense that there could be another Pollux out there, the one that actually landed over a year ago. Whatever the case, it makes the mystery of this planet very exciting.

Looking forward to next month’s issue.

– Dean


Freeze Frame 2/18/2014

by Tyler Jenkins from Peter Panzerfaust #17

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Review of Drifter #3

Drifter 3By Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein

I was going to write about how this week’s issue of Drifter takes a break from the adrenaline ride and really starts to set the groundwork for the story. However when I flip through it there is definitely no break in the action. This issue once again is full of intensity in a very dark and grim way. Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein do a great job of making the reader feel slightly confused. It isn’t by having a complex storyline or throwing around a lot of names of characters we have yet to meet. It is the way the story is told. Pollux finds himself crash landed on this unknown planet. With his ship destroyed and his whole world lost forever what is a man suppose to do? The reader gets thrown into Pollux’s head. I feel like the decisions Pollux is making are the ones I’m making too. Everything Pollux learns about the planet and their way of life we are learning for the first time as well and because of this we can put ourselves in his shoes without any effort.

This has become one of my most anticipated Image books each month and I think it is because of this rich planet that Brandon and Klein have created. Each month we explore another aspect of the planet, whether it be the jobs they have or just some new deadly monsters they have to avoid. It is extremely hard these days to come up with anything new, everything has been done before. In Drifter a ship crash lands on a planet, I’ve read this countless times before. However the richness of this world that is being slowly unveiled before my eyes keeps it feeling fresh and new every month. It reminds me of Avatar. Again, Avatar is a story that has been done before, but it isn’t about the story, it is about Pandora the planet that James Cameron created. The same goes for Drifter. I am interested in seeing what happens with Pollux, but above all I just want to see more of this planet. Another great installment.

– Dean

Review of Drifter #2

Drifter 2By Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein

I am sitting here searching for the words to explain this book and the only thing I can come up with is “this book is exceptionally cool”. I am trying to think of something more elegant and display my infinitely deep pool of adjectives. However I don’t think anything describes this book better than simply “this book is exceptionally cool”.

Last issue left off on an interesting cliff hanger. A man crash lands on a strange planet where he promptly gets shot and nursed back to health by the people who live there. They tell him he has been unconscious for a few days. He decides to go out in search of his space craft and he finds it, only to find out that this space craft crash landed over a year ago. That is how issue #1 left us off and issue #2 picks up with a great opening scene. Our man Pollux is arguing with his saviour Carter, trying to convince her this ship is without a doubt his, while she is firmly sticking with that opinion being impossible. As the arguing continues the two are attacked by scavengers of the land. This opening scene is very strong. Strong character development along side a really cool chase/fight. The emotions are running so high in this scene. It is a combination of Pollux deep sadness upon seeing his ship and his obvious confusion as to how it has been here for a year. The man is clearly hurting and broken up, so what would make this scene even better? Make him fight for his life while in this state. In one simple scene two issues into the series we learn so much about our main man. Even though he is coming to the realization that everything he ever loved will never be near him again he bucks up and helps Carter kick some scavenger butt and eventually shows his heroic colours by saving the little town.

This comic provides a very cool and original feeling story of a man who is at the end of his rope, in a strange land, holding on to whatever hope he can muster up. The book also provides a few very interesting mysteries that are setup for a big payoff. I’m fully on board with Drifter. If you like sci-fi books you have to check this one out.

– Dean