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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (02/17/16)




Cosmo’s Recommendations …

Angela, Queen of Hel #5
“When Angela’s first ongoing was announced there was a fair amount of eye-rolling (myself included). With the current All-New All-Different second series, Marguerite Bennett has proved wrong all those naysayers (myself included). The book is a great mix of action and character; indeed, its heart is the endearing romance between Angela and Sera. This is a delightful series, well worth checking out. Oh, plus you get a few pages of painted art from the extraordinarily talented Stephanie Hans. Really, how could you lose here ..?”

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Nowhere Men #8 Review

Nowhere Men 8 Dave Taylor

By Eric Stephenson, Dave Taylor, Emi Lenox, Jordie Bellaire, fonografiks

The plot keeps advancing, though in a meandering kind of way.

Dade Ellis is trying to help the survivors of the World Corp satellite crash, despite their rising despair for a cure to their altered states. The same debris from the satellite is being uncovered by the larger scientific community as well as the possible origin for the plague that’s been spreading. Thomas Walker continues his enigmatic explanation for his return and decides its time to go back to World Corp headquarters.

Dave Taylor seems to be settling in more as Nate Bellegarde’s artistic replacement, using camera angles for wide and close-up shots, sci-fi architecture and psychedelic imagery in his storytelling. His style has become less about recreating Bellegarde’s and now seems focused on moving it forward with his own natural sensibilities.

Nowhere Men #8 is an improvement over the previous issue, with Stephenson taking time out to develop the cast and Taylor’s art feeling more at home in the book. There’s a promising development at the end, but the magic still hasn’t returned to the title. It’s nice that the old characters are given some spotlight, but more new characters keep getting introduced that could also use some attention as well as justification for appearing in the story. Perhaps the focus is split too much on side-characters and needs to be redirected on the core four or five character’s. Something needs to be done for Nowhere Men to be the comic it once was, other than yet another Image book with a neat sounding premise.

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