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Freeze Frame 9/1/2017

From Image+ Volume 2 #1 by Wesley Craig & Niko Guardia

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GONE TOO SOON FROM THE NEW 52! One Man Army Canceled”


Now this is what I’m talking about. This was a goodin’. And once again I found out about it way too late.

OMAC is a Jack Kirby creation, I believe, from the 1970s when he was injecting the DC Universe with awesomeness. Beforehand I didn’t know much about the character; just Greg Rucka’s mini-series “The OMAC Project” that preceded “Infinite Crisis”.

That had a small percentage of the population turning into sleeper agent androids and a Skynet-esque satellite called Brother Eye. Very god, but not really related to this series it seems.

This issue was about a Blue Hulk creature with a giant fan on his head breaking into CADMUS. That’s it really, not much happens in the book. Still, a pretty fun read nonetheless.  It drops you into the action, sprinkles some humor sparingly, and keeps the character drama at a nice level. Honestly; imagine how your coworkers would react to a giant blue monster just coming in and smashing your workplace to bits. The fact that CADMUS is itself a secret laboratory filled with psychic mutants and seductive androids make the whole experience pretty entertaining, since none of those guys are freaked out by OMAC barging in.

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