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Freeze Frame 6/26/2015

From Annihilator #6 by Frazier Irving
From Annihilator #6 by Frazer Irving

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Review of Korvac Saga #1

Otto Schmidt

by Dan Abnett & Otto Schmidt

As its title suggests, this Secret Wars tie-in reflects back to the classic storyline of the late 70s. Running through The Avengers, it brought the 31st Century Guardians of the Galaxy to the 20th Century, where they teamed-up with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to comfort the cosmically omnipotent Michael Korvac. The original narrative (written by Jim Shooter with some scripting assists and a rotating rooster of artists) was full of the excitement and intellectual questioning that define the best of Marvel’s cosmic epics. It is remember by many fans as one of the greatest Avengers tales ever told.

From the start of his Guardians 3000 series, Abnett had been seeding the idea that time is out of whack. Gradually he nudged the Guardians along a path which brought them once again to the present, where they found themselves alongside The Avengers facing Michael Korvac once again. Only now, everything does end, as even Korvac’s Power Cosmic is unable to prevent the final incursion. The most recent (final?) issue of Guardians concluded with engulfing blackness.
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