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Etrigan ’92: The Demon Ran for President (It’s True!)

As Iowa’s citizens caucus today to vote for various presidential candidates, Nothing But Comics looks back at the 1992 U.S. presidential bid of Etrigan the Demon in the pages of DC Comics’ The Demon series. In the four-issue story arc “Political Asylum” (The Demon #26-29), writer Dwayne McDuffie, penciller Val Semeiks, inker Bob Smith, and colorist Robbie Busch satirize American politics. Although the creative team pokes fun at the Republican Party’s 1992 presidential primary campaign, the troubling issues lampooned in the story remain relevant to modern politics.

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Cthulhu Hits the Campaign Trail

With a U.S. presidential election in 2016, many candidates are currently seeking the nation’s highest office. One such candidate is the fearsome cosmic deity (and regular Nothing But Comics contributorCthulhu. The independent candidate’s website presents Cthulhu’s vision for a strong economy, global conquest, and a steady climate change agenda. As the candidate takes a leave of absence from our site to pursue the presidency, Nothing But Comics examines public reaction to the Cthulhu campaign, as well as Cthulhu’s legacy as a comics journalist.

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