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Freeze Frame 1/20/2017

From Green Arrow #15 by Juan Ferreyra
From Green Arrow #15 by Juan Ferreyra

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Review of Ant-Man Annual #1

DIG061172_2by Nick Spencer, Brent Schoonover & Ramon Rosanas

The story opens in the present day. Sunday to be specific. Scott Lang has taken his security firm’s two employees, former criminals Grizzly and Machinesmith, out for bonding at a local establishment. As always, Spencer’s trademark wit is immediately on display amidst the three’s bantering. Highlights include Grizzly’s inability to accept that a Miami bar would have the Dolphins game on instead of Da Bears and Machinesmith’s observation that the “no murder” clause in their contracts is probably unenforceable. These verbal quips do settle down (a little) when the TV is overtaken with reports of the latest Ultron attack (the events depicted in the recent Rage of Ultron graphic novel). Lang learns from the news coverage that the original Ant-Man Hank Pym has been presumed dead in the aftermath. This sparks Lang to remember the last time he saw Pym . . .
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