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The Next Generation:Teen Titans


Created by DC in 1964 during the Silver Age, Teen Titans was a group composed of the sidekicks of more popular heroes back when that was a thing. It didn’t catch on until Marv Wolfman and George Perez revamped the concept into The New Teen Titans which was far more contemporary and a mega-hit. Decades later, while DC had several top-notch animated shows running, one hit television in a way that hasn’t been replicated since: Teen Titans. Continue reading The Next Generation:Teen Titans

DC Comics Launching Several Mini-Series Written By The Characters Original Creators In Early 2016

635717467754088290-Jonboy-METAL-MEN-CMYK-PROMO-V.2In early 2016, DC Comics will be launching several miniseries of some of their own off brand superhero’s, with many of the comics written by the character’s original creators. Lein Wein will be returning to his Swamp Thing creation in addition to writing a new Metal Men series. Marv Wolfman will be writing Raven, Gerry Conway will be writing Firestorm and Mike Barr will be writing Katana. Other series will include a long demanded via twitter Poison Ivy series by Amy Chu, a Metamorpho book Aaron Lopresti & a Sugar & Spike comic by Keith Giffen. More details at USA Today

Hellfire Heroes: The Diabolic Protagonists of the Comics

Grim Ghost 1
The first issue of Atlas Comics’ THE GRIM GHOST

In American comics, the heroes are often on the side of the angels – good people blessed by benevolent destiny with the science, magic or aptitude to fight evil. However, there is a rich comics tradition of protagonists of diabolical derivation saving the day, sometimes unintentionally (in the course of their duties to demonic masters) and sometimes intentionally (in their efforts to rebel against infernal authorities).

Continue reading Hellfire Heroes: The Diabolic Protagonists of the Comics