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Freeze Frame 3/4/2016

From Prophet Earth War #2 by Ron Ackins & Paul Davey
From Prophet Earth War #2 by Ron Ackins & Paul Davey

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Regular Show #33 Review


341918._SX640_QL80_TTD_By Shanna Matuszak, Will Kirkby, Steve Wands, Laura Howell
What happens when a guy spends too much time with his bro, neglects his girlfriend and then gets really distracted on the way to getting her back? This comic!
Rigby, tired of Ellen always making him do stuff outside his comfort zone wants some time to himself. Mordecai reminds that his last girlfriend was in High School and its time to grow up some about being in a relationship. Rigby agrees, wanting to find out why his last relationship didn’t work out. Hijinks ensue.
This was a fantastic issue, partly because its one and done nature but also its deft plotting by Shanna Matuszak. It perfectly creates a story that could be on the show, following its formula while still making its emotional beats feel real. Who among us hasn’t blown off a romantic interest to have fun with their friends or struggled with holding in farts around lady bros?
Oh yeah, the humor is spot on in this issue too. Although the story about the guy who doesn’t appreciate his lady is pretty cliched by now, in the context of the show and Rigby’s character in particular, it’s not a stretch to see him slack off on his commitments.
The art by Will Kirkby also manages to emulate the show’s style but adds his own artistic flavor to it as well. The art style will flip back and forth from a painterly quality to resembling graffiti art with cramped in panel composition and rough line work to convey energy in the scene. Each issue of Regular Show feels different from the last although each one manages to take the style from the cartoon as a foundation to build off of.
There’s a nice 6 page short by Laura Howell dealing with making time for your friends (and feeding evil plants), which complements the main story in a funny way considering its moral was appreciating your loved one more than your friends. The story is cute, funny and makes good use of Pops whose presence is sometimes neglected in the show.
All in all, this is a great issue to pick up if you’re looking for a fun comic to try or just a fan of the show in general.
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