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2017 Eisner Award Nominees

Kill or Be Killed, Saga, Paper Girls, Black Hammer, Criminal,  Astro City, Mockingbird & Beasts of Burden appear to be the nomination leaders. Details below Continue reading 2017 Eisner Award Nominees

Freeze Frame 5/15/2015

From An Eternity Observes All Things by Box Brown
From An Entity Observes All Things by Box Brown

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Review of Number #2

tumblr_n9xu0hA48R1qibjs1o4_1280by Box Brown

The comic Number is a strange singular title that feels similar to a lot of small press comics but strangely singular and cerebral at the same time. Number #2 is a book that’s split into two separate stories that are very much concrete reality looks at the life’s of everyday people that are subtle in their details and evolution. This is similar to what Box Brown has done in his Beach Girls comic but more condensed and deceptively lower stakes. There’s a story of 30 year old woman getting semi harassed by a homeless guy when she’s skate boarding before he hurts himself and the police end up harassing him and then a sort of week in the life of middling documentary film maker. They are very specific in being character studies that don’t give anything away and force the reader to pay attention and gather their own meaning (if any) from the stories but his protagonist are fully formed and engaging in a way that only Brown can do. Box Brown’s art is borderline Michael DeForgesque in how it’s based around a lot of round and square shapes in a cartoony sort of way but without any of the body horror or surrealism, this is way more subtle and measured to ever be mistaken for DeForge’s work in spite of the similarity in illustration style. For issue #2 of Number Box Brown creates stories that are about apathy, stagnation, police brutality, boredom, frustration, depression, privilege or nothing at all. There is a beauty in that ambiguity and while it doesn’t really operate the way most comics do that allows the book to achieve something different. This isn’t about anything other then life and it’s looking at it with dead eyed soberiety. If you ready for that view this could be of interest.