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Tuesday Top Ten All Time Favorites: The Master List

Nothing But Comics has hit our two year mark and in observance of the sites anniversary, every Tuesday one of our staff members made a list of their favorite series, runs or issues of all time. This week we’ve aggregated all the list together Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten All Time Favorites: The Master List

Review of King: Jungle Jim #2

King Jungle Jim 2Written by Paul Tobin. Illustrated by Sandy Jarrell, Felipe Cunha, and Richard Case, with colors by Luigi Anderson. 

Who is Jungle Jim?

Read King: Jungle Jim #2, and you will find out!

How does writer Paul Tobin connect a somewhat obscure character from a 1930s jungle adventure newspaper comic strip to the extraterrestrial adventures of the iconic Flash Gordon, as well as the equally iconic jungle superhero the Phantom?

Quite brilliantly!  You need to read this comic to see just how masterful Tobin’s storytelling skills are, as he transports Earth adventurer Jim Bradley to the planet Arboria, and even gives the character superpowers!

What is the  plot of this comic book?

Oh, it’s a lot of fun.  An Arborian, Lille, attempts to recruit the legendary Jungle Jim to save her dissident brother, who is scheduled for execution on the planet Mongo, home of the tyrannical Ming the Merciless!  (I did say Tobin would connect Jungle Jim to the adventures of Flash Gordon, didn’t I?)

Lille and her fellow rebels find Jungle Jim strange, but he has superpowers, and he is eager to help, so they set off to rescue Lille’s brother.  But things don’t go as planned.  They go very badly, in fact.

And all the characters and action are illustrated nicely; it’s a pretty book!  I tip my hat to artists Sandy Jarrell, Felipe Cunha, Richard Case, and Luigi Anderson.  Well done!

The creative team of King: Jungle Jim #2 make the book accessible; even if you did not read the first issue, you catch up pretty quickly, although I recommend you go check out the first issue, too, because that comic book was also great.

My only criticism of this comic is that I find it hard to say “King Jungle Jim” aloud; the title makes me laugh!  It just sounds so regal!  But other than that small, irrelevant critique, my praise for this comic is effusive.