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Dr Who The 12th Doctor Year Two #1


By Robbie Morrison, Rachael Stott, Ivan Nunes, Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt

“Clara Oswald and the School of Death”. Much better than the last couple of DW stories I’ve read.

Clara is searching for one of her former coworkers who transferred to a school in Scotland and is joined late by the Doctor. Not much is revealed about the threat they face, other than it involves a remote location cut off by high tides and slimy aliens that burst out of glowing green eggs.

Morrison has found the best timeline for him to write the 12th Doctor, in a middle-ground early in the latest season. The Doctor is strutting around in his hoodie and plaid pants, Sonic Sunglasses ready to go. Morrison also takes advantage of his tendency to forget people he meets to possibly seed a future conflict. Morrison nails the voices of the Doctor and Clara at this point in their lives. He also gives the story that little spark, the thing that makes itfeel more immersive and I can easily see this as an actual plot in the show.

Rachael Stott is the new artist on the book and together with Ivan Nunes’ colors, make it a visually pleasing one. She nails the characters expressions and really makes the Scottish locals seem real. Stott does a great job at drawing the furniture and architecture in the book. As a side note, the Doctor’s outfit is almost spot-on. It’s a tiny thing, but always nice to see done. His plaid pants are more of a darkish green, but blue is usually chosen when the actual color is too hard to replicate (a multi-patterned coat for instance).

Overall, a promising start and an entertaining issue. The cast is well-established, the villain(s) are teased in just the right way and the art is great. This is probably the most well-rounded out of the 3-4 Doctor Who comics that Titan is publishing every month, which is good because it is operating under the most “constraints” in terms of following the show’s story-line so close after its ended.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

Disclosure: Publisher Titan Comics provided an advance review copy of this comic to Nothing But Comics without any payment between the site or publisher or agreement on the review’s content.

Review of Doctor Who The Twelfth 12th Doctor #15


By Robbie Morrison, Daniel Indro, Slamet Mujinono, Richard Starkings, Jimmy Betancourt

The Doctor and Clara save the Earth from a race of evil Sun-people!

The Earth has been nearly conquered, humanity has been enslaved and only a small group of resistance fighters led by the Doctor has a chance of turning things around. Through some clever time-juggling, the Doctor incinerates the people of living fire by dropping them right next to the Sun as it turns into a Red Giant 5 million years into the future.

I’m not familiar with Robbie Morrison or his writing, but it stands out as unique in comparison to all the other DW comics I’ve read before. The (12th) Doctor is more jovial here, more jokey, less serious, less curmudgeonly, in short he feels somewhat lacking. The Doctor’s current penchant for being sour and rude is part of his appeal, in that when he does crack a smile or say something witty, it contrasts with his usual demeanor. This series is meant to line-up roughly with Season 7 and it doesn’t quite hold true.

The story, as presented by the art, feels more like a Green Lantern issue illustrated by Eric Larson. It’s not necessarily bad, but unusual and a departure from the less action-oriented British program. The illustrations are more consistent and detailed than the sibling series, however, so in that respect it visually surpasses its counterpart.

The Doctor’s wrinkles are present at all times, the anatomy seems solidly rendered, even the clothing is nicely detailed. Indro’s art and Mujinono’s colors compliment each other and make the issue “work”, although I’m slightly bothered that the Doctor’s coat,vest and pants are a light blue and not black as seen in the show.

Overall, this issue is a mixed bag. It has everything a DW comic should, with some tips of the hat to past stories in the show, but doesn’t feel entirely faithful to the franchise or what its comic counterpart should be. “More action, lighter colors, a more upbeat protagonist” are story choices that should always be cautiously added and in a DW story you could easily do all three to great success; but here they don’t make a satisfying whole. I get the feeling Morrison may be more found of the Doctor’s of yesteryear and stories with a bit more umph to them. Maybe I reading too much into things or I need to read the previous issues in this arc, but this issue alone didn’t impress me. I’m somewhat interested in seeing a more swaggered 12th Doctor, but I’d like to see that playing off his dour, socially awkward moments.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent