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Danny Rand’s Search for Identity


As a young boy, Danny Rand traveled to the mountainous region of Asia with his parents before their tragic deaths. As a result, he was welcomed into the fabled city of K’un Lun and trained to be a martial arts master as well as the welder of the power of the Iron Fist. As he’s recently been adapted to live action, he’s taken the blogosphere by storm in a way that Marvel possibly regrets: A hot and cold reaction of hate, apathy, or lackluster reception.  Continue reading Danny Rand’s Search for Identity

Indubitable Issues & Pull Lists




 Josh’s Recommendations:
Iron Fist Epic Collection TPB Fury Of Iron Fist
Written and drawn by Silver-Age pros Roy Thomas with Gil Kane, this volume collects the stories that cemented Iron Fist in the MCU and as one of the prominent Kung Fu fighters in comics. A must have for any fan of Danny Rand.

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“Who’s the Scariest Member of Squadron Sinister?”: The Red Bee Interviews Marc Guggenheim

The Marvel Comics supervillain team Squadron Sinister is formidable. Created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Sal Buscema and debuting in The Avengers #69 (Oct. 1969), the evil team members were based on DC Comics characters: the Superman-inspired Hyperion, the Batman-esque Nighthawk, the Flash-like Whizzer, etc.

The creative team on the Marvel Comics Secret Wars tie-in Squadron Sinister – writer Marc Guggenheim and artists Carlos Pacheco, Mariano Taibo, and Frank Martin – remind readers just how powerful, evil, and scary these characters are.

At Nothing But Comics, we were curious to know which Squadron Sinister character Guggenheim thought was the scariest, so we dispatched superhero the Red Bee to ask him.

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Ages of Ultron, The Beginning

Avengers 57 John Buscema (crop)
John Buscema

After three years, a trio of solo films, and a seemingly endless parade of trailers, Marvel’s Avengers sequel finally arrives in theaters next week. Well, unless you live in Europe, Australia, much of Asia, South America and parts of Africa and the Middle East, in which case you get to see it this week. If you ever wanted a reminder of how unimportant American audiences are to blockbuster profits, remind yourself that this film opens in the Ukraine and Kazakhstan before its home country. Regardless of when it arrives at a theater near you, the Joss Whedon directed sequel will pit the Avengers against one of their most resilient foes: Ultron.

Ultron’s first appearance was in Avengers #54 (1968) by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. Ultron’s debut, though, is one of the most underwhelming for a high-caliber villain. The issue finds the Avengers tormented by a new rooster of Masters of Evil, who are taking orders from a mysterious Crimson Cowl. The Masters of Evil, working on intel sold to them by the Avengers butler Edwin Jarvis, invade Avengers Mansion. (It also seems that Whirlwind’s secret identity is The Wasp’s chauffer. Apparently, Hank Pym wasn’t big on background checks).
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X-Men: Gold #1
X-Men: Gold #1
True confessions from another X-Bitch: it was nearly impossible for this not to be be my comic of the week. Look, I always try and be objective with all things in life in an effort to not be too much of an idiot but the heart wants what it wants. Here’s a few things that make my blood pump red; a foul mouthed Filipino woman, a pit bull with bladder issues, Purple Jesus, #carmelosmirk, a corgi with a bad attitude that rapes my wife like she’s auditioning for Orange is the New Black and classic tales of the X-Men. I love Brian Wood, I love Jason Aaron and I used to love Brian Michael Bendis but miss me with that Battle of the Atom nonsense. X-Men: Gold is the perfect tribute to the classic comics 50th anniversary for one of the most important titles in the medium with it’s most influential creators.

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