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Giant Size Non Halloween Related Loose Ends Halloween Special

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The Comics Readers Guide To Run The Jewels

By Cus Cutty of Ashville, NC
By Cus Cutty of Ashville, NC

The reaction to the recent news of Marvel’s Howard The Duck #2 & Deadpool #45 getting Run The Jewels themed variant covers formed a wide array of reactions from “huh?” to “who?” to “YEAAAAAHHHHH” While you can count this writer to be firmly in the latter camp I can understand if some of you were in the former for the lack of familiarity with the group. Rap has always been tangentially connected to comics in a lot of ways. The most obvious is Wu-Tang Clan and especially member Ghostface Killah who has taken on the Iron Man/Tony Starks persona going as far back as his debut album but there is also Kanye West who was studying to be a comics artist before dropping out of college to do the rap artist thing full time, Jay-Z who named his comeback album and based it’s concept around Mark Waid & Alex Ross’s Kingdom Come or MF Doom who has based his entire rap persona around Dr. Doom and like those other acts the members of Run The Jewels have been connected to comics and geek culture from writer Phillip K Dick being a primary influence on the music itself to having Adult Swim be the inception of the group and more. Consider this your unofficial guide to the group, why they are being featured on the cover of two Marvel, why they are important and what that means politically.

Who are Run The Jewels?

Run The Jewels is a rap group with two forty year old men. One is a white guy from Brooklyn named El-P and the other is a black male from Atlanta named Killer Mike. They released their second album, Run The Jewels 2 in 2014 to universal critical acclaim and love from their loyal fan base.

Wait they are 40 year old rappers? 


And they’ve only released two albums? 

Yup and how they ended up at this point is a whole other story in itself.

Adult Swim?

Yeah will get there

Oh do tell?

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Episode Three — News-y Bits #1

Alex and Patrick are well-rested and ready to rock with their first ever news segment. Those of you looking for shorter shows, well, keep looking because this one is a doozy. From DC television shows to Star Wars to rappers by the name of Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, they run the gamut. Stick around to hear their recommendations for awesome entertainment they are currently digging.

Run Time: 2:03:09

(Shameless plug: Check out Cerealmilkpodcast.wordpress.com for Alex’s other podcast he runs with his wife Sarah.)


Run The Jewels-Close Your Eyes And Count to Fuck, feat. Zack De La Rocha
Copyright © 2014 Run The Jewels, All rights reserved.


Welcome back to Pull List Playlist!  By now, you should all know how this works

This week it’s I Patrick aka The Marvel Guy aka The Rap Guy filling in for Alex. I’m not going to promise that you’ll like the music or grp02cover1 the comics based on my qualifiers above and I’m not going to promise this will be as well written as Alex would because Jesus Tap Dancing just look at what they guy has done the last week on no sleep but I can promise there will be two Kanye West songs and everything is NSFW so there’s that. Please join me below so we can talk about how much my taste in everything sucks in the comments section.

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