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Freeze Frame 11/13/2015

From The Ultimates #1 by Kenneth Rocafort & Dan Brown
From The Ultimates #1 by Kenneth Rocafort & Dan Brown

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Review of Slash & Burn #1

Slash_and_BurnBy Si Spencer, Max Dunbar and Ande Parks

“The time has come” the walrus said, “to talk of many things: of murder and drugs – and pyromaniacs – of fire and sex consuming”

When I finished Slash and Burn I did something I rarely do; I flipped to the front of the book and started again. More about that later. Spencer, Dunbar and Parks have crafted a mysterious and creepy opening issue of the newest Vertigo title Slash and Burn. The story of a pyromaniac, Rosheen Hayes, who works for the Blucher city fire department. Talk about conflict of interest. With hints of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Nightcrawler and orchestrated on-scene crime investigations, mirroring Willem Dafoe’s character in Boondock Saints, Slash and Burn drives the intensity high and the morality low. Boondock Saints turned out to be a huge cult classic; Slash and Burn has all the elements to do the same.

Why did I flip back to the beginning of the book? Spencer throws you right into the mind of Rosheen and being a pyromaniac, her mind is a little bit warped. I got the idea at the beginning that Rosheen is somewhat of a femme fatale. However, after reaching the final page, I realized the entire time I thought she was talking about a guy, she was actually talking about fire. She begins the issue describing a fire as not her type, a premature ejaculation of a fire. Not what she is looking for at her stage in life. After proclaiming in the first line of the book that she is a murderer, I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that the fires in Blucher North Dakota have gone up in number since her arrival to the department. This girl is obsessed with fire, and she describes it in a way a nymphomaniac would describe a potential sexual partner. Rosheen Hayes is a pyro-nympho. Brilliant! Don’t be alarmed if her description of a fire gets you hot, or if you find yourself fueled by a lighter, she can be very convincing.

Max Dunbar and Ande Parks make a beautiful comic. The art on this baby is top notch. The clean line work allows for the uncontrollable fires to stand out and look mesmerizing, as a real fire is. Rosheen is not only one of the most interesting characters of the new Vertigo #1’s but she is also one of the best looking thanks to Dunbar and Parks. That chunky blonde hair is pretty hot.  Another fantastic looking book with an extremely compelling story from Vertigo. Chalk up a win for Spencer, Dunbar and Parks, then burn the classroom down.

Slash and Burn answer the question, “Is that a lighter in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Oh, and there is a Walrus that is of extreme importance!

  • Dean