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Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #11 Review


By Ollie Masters, Lucas Werneck, Joana Lafuente, Ed Dukeshire, Luca Pizzari

SAMCRO is desperately searching for Jax, even reaching out to a former enemy for help. Jax is in the hands of men ready to kill him for the trouble of holding him captive, and the man who put him there is having second thoughts.  Continue reading Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #11 Review

Sons Of Anarchy Redwood Original #1 Review

410379._SX640_QL80_TTD_By Ollie Masters, Luca Pizzari, Adam Metcalfe, Ed Dukeshire

S.A.M.C.R.O: Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original. It’s the acronym that fans of Kurt Sutter’s Shakespearian crime drama know well and carries a wide standard to bare for any supplemental material.

BOOM!’s SOA comics went the range of bad to average to brilliant, and that was influenced by how closely the comics followed the canon of the show. It took a long while and a change of writers, but the comic eventually reached the levels that it should’ve been from the get-go. The benefit this series has is that its set before the show began when the canon is very loose on detail. With the title, I found myself hoping the series would detail the founding nine members of SAMCRO after leaving Vietnam but instead, it’s the story of Jax Teller when he was just starting out as a prospect for the Sons.

Ollie Masters crafts a good setting for the story, where Jax’s true love has left and Clay and Gemma have secured control of the club and its operations. Except for Jax’s excessive anger, which is not unbelievable considering the future Jax did seem overly mellow throughout the course of the show, the characters all feel refreshingly true to themselves. Clay is conniving and follows his own beat, Gemma is his shoulder to fall back on, Bobby is the voice of reason and Tig is the voice that says the most disturbing things ever.

The art has a vague Fraction/Aja Hawkeye vibe, with a bold, plupy style but a widely expressive color palate. Greens, reds and oranges all are used on many panels crafting a nice interplay between warm and cool colors. It’s immediately effective in creating a foreground, midground, and background with wide panel crowd scenes while also highlighting the stories main characters. It’s far and away one of the most singular styles I’ve seen in a SOA comic where Pizzari and Metcalfe seem like strong creators in their own right who together work beautifully.

The story is a decent opening to the series until the climax and ending, where the plot takes this crazy left turn which is normal for SOA but if isn’t part of the arc’s story, it feels sudden and unsatisfying.  The issue itself is pretty solid with most of its story and art and it shows a good understanding of the cast and their various idiosyncrasies. The story lacks the gruesome edge in the previous title detailing a spotlight on lesser examined characters, but manages to hew closer to what a typical story of SOA would be. My interest is peaked and as a devoted fan of SAMCRO, I’m always up for more stories starring my favorite band of outlaws.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

Indubitable Issues





 Patrick endorses…
cMs Marvel #14 
The prior issue might have been the best the series has done yet and that arc is just getting started. Ms Marvel was certainly 2014’s runaway success story but in 2015 it looks to be even better

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This Week’s Finest:Sons of Anarchy #18


by Ed Brisson & Matias Bergera

I love Sons of Anarchy. I watched that shit from the beginning, and it was the only show I made a point to watch during college when I had all but quit comics. I wanted to love this series when it started, but the magic was not there. The characters didn’t feel right, the writing felt secondary, it just wasn’t working for me. I know it was a license comic, and that’s why I was upset, it had “Sons of Anarchy” on the cover but was nowhere near the quality of even the worst season of the show itself.

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Indubitable Issues




Patrick courageously casts a vote for…
TheValiant3The Valiant #3
Not only is the comic great but it keeps getting better each issue. Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt & Paolo Rivera is about as All-Star of a comics team as it get’s outside of Marvel/DC/Image and there work together is truly collaborative. The Valiant is the superhero epic that truly delivers on being an epic and it’s of the highest quality. 

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Sons of Anarchy #21 Review


by Ryan Ferrier, Matias Bergara, Paul Little

Ferrier continues a story that feels like an unfilmed set of episodes from the show.

Spunky continues his half-baked plan to take over Charming, trying to sway the Mayans to his side for support. Alverez plays along, perhaps letting his anger at Jax cloud his judgement. Jax finds out the clubhouse was trashed and Lyla kidnapped which leads to him swiftly return to Charming to rectify the situation.

Meanwhile, a mutual spurned business partner finds out her drug shipment has been stolen and plans retaliation against both SAMCRO and the Mayans.

Wow, this book is firing on all cylinders. The art by Bergara is still full of expression, and noticeably captures the mood of the diverse cast and locations.

Lyla unfortunately doesn’t get much to say, but thankfully acts much like her screen counterpart. The inclusion of Jax’s writing to Abel is a nice modern touch and further humanizes him as a character.

Already looking forward to next month and the next installment of this arc.

Rating:Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent.

Sons of Anarchy #19 Review


by Ryan Ferrier and Matias Bergara

An all new writer comes on board, just in time to rejuvenate the title.

SAMCRO needs more hands on deck while Bobby is in Stockton, and his nephew arrives in town to join the Club. “Spunky” Munson proves to be a capable, if overzealous, prospect for SAMCRO. Juice is chosen as his sponsor, and has trouble keeping the reins on him. At the same time, Jax Teller and Alverez are working together on a business opportunity with a third party. Spunky is told several times to be cool, but causes a scene then steals Mayan money before running off. Jax orders Juice and Tig to “take care of it”, but the damage is done and the Mayans will be wanting their money back.

I want to say this takes place sometime around Season 5 or 6, after Jax has become President of SAMCRO and solidified a business relationship with the Mayans and 49ers. The jump in story time is confusing, but does keep the series’ status quo from feeling stale.

Ryan Ferrier delivers a solid first issue, aside from the Happy one-shot this book has felt like a pale imitation of its license. Ferrier’s story feels like a natural extension of the show, and not just by adding more swearing and the stronger secondary characters. The cast, aside from Juice, feel true and act like you would expect. The tone works and captures the brutality of the show.

I’m pleased to know that the artist of the previous issue is still here and that he drew 8 other issues for the series which almost makes me want to grab them. Aside from Juice wearing sunglasses and Alverez being a foot shorter than Jax, I enjoyed Bergara’s art. It felt looser here, but worked well for the action scenes.

This is the kind of quality I expect from a Sons of Anarchy comic; a grungy tale of outlaw bikers, violent sociopaths, savvy businessmen, and sex workers trying to get by. But it’s not enough to just add those elements to the book, I have to care about the characters as well. Thankfully, Ferrier and Bergara seem to almost have this down. I’m looking forward to next month and seeing where this story goes.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent