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Tarnished Reps

Since late 2017, sexual harassment has been dominating cultural discussion in Hollywood and the media. Men are using their positions of power to exploit women and cover up heinous acts. Unfortunately, the comic industry is not immune to this, and has been hit with a string of high-profile incidents.

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Bucking the Inhumans


While the MCU has been a tremendous success in box office receipts, critical acclaim, and fan reception, one dark spot has been the recent Iron Fist series leading up to The Defenders on Netflix. While that was the dark horse of the Marvel’s properties on the streaming side, in retrospect, concern should’ve been placed when Scott Buck was tapped as the show runner. Buck’s last high profile work was also met with criticism and ire, and now he’s bringing the Inhumans to the small screen… Continue reading Bucking the Inhumans

Pull List Playlist Special Edition: Lights

Canadian musician, singer and songwriter Lights will be adding comic book writer and artist to her repertoire on July 12th. The two time Juno award winning artist has something very special planned for the release of her fourth album; Lights will be writing and drawing a comic series called Skin & Earth. Each issue will be accompanied by new music until finally, the series and full length album by the same name, are completely released.

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Podcast Episode Fifty Part Two

swamp_thing_035_01-231 Part two of our top fifty runs of all time podcast going from 25 to 1 featuring discussions on The Flash by Carmine Infantino, Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra’s Y The Last Man, Nick Fury by Jim Steranko, Animal Man by Grant Morrison, Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Spiderman by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko, The Fantastic Four by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby and more. Click below for the rankings Continue reading Podcast Episode Fifty Part Two

Counter-Intuitive: Spider-Man Unlimited was the Coolest Spin on the Character


We’ve seen Peter Parker in high-school and in love, fighting his greatest enemies, twice in live-action (soon to be a third retelling) and many more in animation. It’s a familiar story that we all know by heart but tolerate so we can see how far it gets taken. One spin that I’ve always found inspired and unappreciated is the 1999 series, Spider-Man UnlimitedContinue reading Counter-Intuitive: Spider-Man Unlimited was the Coolest Spin on the Character

Embracing the Fantastic…


The Fantastic Four was the book that kicked off the Marvel Universe as we know it, and its a title that has proven challenging to reinvent since the 60s. It still has an impressive history, rife with runs for those looking to dive in in preparation for the upcoming reboot from Fox. Instead of a Top Ten, this is more of a discussion of my favorite stories/runs that people new to Marvel’s First Family might enjoy…

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Marvel Rock 1972

Album cover for THE MARVEL WORLD OF ICARUS (Pye Records)

In 1972, two rock albums inspired by Marvel Comics’ characters were released – one by the British progressive rock band Icarus entitled The Marvel World of Icarus, and the other a licensed “rockomic” focused on Spider-Man entitled The Amazing Spider-Man:  From Beyond the Grave:  A Rockomic, which was released by Buddah Records. Both albums provide insight into Marvel Comics’ efforts in the 1970s to reach a broader, more mature audience.

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“Cobwebs of Death”: The Forgotten Text Stories of Golden Age Comics

After a month or two, Simon gave Stanley a break, or maybe it would be better described as busywork – text features were needed to qualify for magazine postal rates, Simon told him to write a short Captain America story that would be accompanied by two panels of illustration. He turned in twenty-six ham-fisted paragraphs, with the title “Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge,” which he signed with a pseudonym, so as not to derail his future career as a serious writer. The byline read “Stan Lee.” – Sean Howe, Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

"Cobwebs of Death" by Joseph Verdy
“Cobwebs of Death” by Joseph Verdy

Stan Lee’s first credited comics work was on a text piece in Captain America Comics. These text pieces were common during the 1930s and 40s, the period known as the “Golden Age of Comics”. At the time, the United States Postal Service required comic books to have at least two pages of text to be considered a magazine and qualify for the cheaper magazine postage rates.

With only two pages, writers like Lee were limited to approximately 1,000 words with which to craft their stories. Writing the text pieces must have seemed a chore to comics creators. Readers (both kids and adults) bought comic books for the comics features, not prose fiction; the text pieces were unlikely to be read, and the stories were only expected to satisfy the postal inspectors.

Although the text pieces were common in Golden Age comic books, reprint collections of Golden Age material often don’t include them. Comics scholars are primarily interested in the comics work of that period, and unfortunately don’t provide much examination of these text stories.


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