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San Diego Comic Con News & Things 7/22/2017

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Review of Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond posterNo Spoilers

Fifty years ago NBC premiered a new science-fiction series entitled Star Trek. Despite being canceled after three seasons due to low ratings, the show would firmly lodge itself into geek fandom. From there its popularity would grow until it settled comfortably into the prominence among popular culture. Along the way it would add several spin-off shows (the latest debuts in 2017), an animated cartoon series, books and thirteen films, the most recent of which arrived in theaters this past weekend. Star Trek Beyond is the third movie since the franchise was rebooted in 2009 with J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek. In some ways, Beyond is a fresh start with director Justin Lin and screenwriters Simon Pegg & Doug Jung stepping into those roles for the first time. (Pegg, for his part, has been involved with the reboot from the beginning, playing the role of Scotty). While the new creative team do add some of their own flavorings, they also hew strongly to the template that Abrams employed for Star Trek and its sequel Into Darkness. At the same time, though, they avoid many of the mistakes of the latter film. Beyond may not be classic Trek, but, on its own terms, it is an enjoyable ride, whose strongest attribute is some great character work.

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Review of Star Trek #35

Star Trek 35

The 2009 Star Trek film’s reboot of Star Trek continuity gave storytellers the opportunity to explore the franchise’s characters and history with a clean, fresh slate.  Comics publisher IDW has taken advantage of this opportunity to present the new adventures of beloved characters on the comics page.  Star Trek #35 does something surprising, using a character from the old continuity (the seemingly omnipotent alien known as “Q”, played in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series by actor John de Lancie) to disrupt the status quo of the new continuity.

The first chapter of “The Q Gambit” is a delight; writer Mike Johnson has a gift for dialogue, and the conversations between Q, Captain Kirk, and Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard ring true for those characters.  Johnson’s script is intriguing, with Q hinting to Picard that the new timeline created by the future Mr. Spock may have set in motion a series of events that will ultimately doom it.  Q appears to Kirk in the new timeline and promises to test Kirk’s belief that “there is no such thing as a no-win scenario” before sending the Enterprise through time and space to a location that should be exciting to Star Trek fans.  Artist Tony Shasteen neatly captures the likenesses of all the characters, and the artist’s depiction of Q’s manipulations of time and space are exciting and entertaining.

Star Trek #35 is accessible to new readers, but longtime Star Trek fans are more likely to appreciate the characters and plot of this comic.  This issue was a great beginning to a story arc that promises to blend the old with the new in an intriguing fashion.