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Freeze Frame 12/1/2017

From Batman Annual #2 by Lee Weeks & Elizabeth Breitweiser

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (11/18/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 
Beauty #4
“Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley’s tale of a future where obsession over physical appearance has reached frightening extremes has been fantastic. Part horror, part detective mystery, part social commentary, this comic tackles every aspect with aplomb. Paired with Haun’s evocative and moody artwork, this is another Image title that belongs on your pull.” Continue reading Indubitable Issues and Pull List (11/18/15)

Review of The Beauty #2

674708_beauty-2-cover-b-templesmithBy Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley

Freelance artist Jeremy Haun and new comics writer Jason A. Hurley have come together to create this truly unique and special story. With dystopian future and science fiction comprising the majority of the comic books I read, it is extremely hard to find that new fresh idea. Many comics become just hashes and tangents of previous stories, which when executed at a high quality is just fine with me. However, that fresh idea is hard to find. This is probably why we have so many sequels and reboots  hitting the box office these days. Jason and Jeremy have found that fresh idea with The Beauty. This book really is something special. It makes readers say, “How did they think of that?!” and it makes writer’s say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” The Beauty is only two issues in, but it is catching fire already.

To be honest I missed the first issue of The Beauty. I am usually the guy to try out all the number ones, but The Beauty either came on a week where I had a ton to read or one of those weeks where I didn’t make it to the shop. When I arrived at the cash register this Wednesday I engaged in the usual conversation with my comic book salesman and friend, Justin.

“Hey Justin, did you read anything good yet? Did you read Tokyo Ghost?”

“No didn’t read Tokyo Ghost yet. I didn’t have much time, I was only able to read The Beauty.”

Huh. He only had a short amount of time and he chose The Beauty over Tokyo Ghost…tell me more about this Beauty.

The Beauty is set in the near future where a new STD has broken out. This STD is an epidemic. Close to half of the population is infected. The disease has been named Beauty and the reason is because it makes you beautiful. All your extra fat will disappear, all your skin imperfections will vanish, your hair will grow in thicker, your crooked nose will straighten out. The Beauty makes you desirable and is therefore very desirable itself. There are many people actively trying to get infected with Beauty so they can have the body they always dreamed of. This is a terrific premise. A disease that makes you more desirable. How far will we go to look good? Remember it is a disease, so what are the negative effects? Well, that is a subject kept on the hush hush. Have you ever seen someone internally combusted? We wouldn’t want to give the beautiful any reason to frown. Those are the smiling, perfect faces of someone with it all. Of course there are the characters in the book who have the disease but do not want it. Unfortunately it is not an easy thing to hide.

I highly recommend The Beauty. Once you enter this world you wont want to leave. I sometimes wish I had The Beauty, how bad could it be?

  • Dean