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The Spectre Looming Over Star Wars


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Fans know these words by heart, as they’re usually the mood setting for a story involving good vs evil, space ships, lovable rogues, and easily familiar archetypes. Star Wars is one one those IPs that has become a cultural mainstay. Despite thematic blunders, it exists as this expansive and ever evolving universe to visit and explore. If there’s one downside to it now, or even 10 years ago, its a universe obsessed with the past.  Continue reading The Spectre Looming Over Star Wars

New Force Awakens Adaptation & Gambit VS Deadpool Miniseries From Marvel

CaptureMarvel Comics will be launching an official five issue adaptation of the Star Wars The Force Awakens film by writer Chuck Wendig, interior art from Luke Ross of Mighty Avengers & cover’s from Secret Wars artist Esad Ribic. In addition, Marvel will also launch a five issue miniseries by Ben Acker & Ben Blacker of Thunderbolts with Gwenpool Artist Danilo Beyrut titled Deadpool vs Gambit. Details for The Force Awakens Adaptation at CBR & Deadpool vs Gambit at Comicbook.com

Review of Star Wars The Force Awakens

cNo spoilers, surprisingly

Picture you are one of two people; both live in a rural part of India a few decades after a major civil war. You are either someone that was taken as a child to be a soldier for an extremest religious group that is vying to commit a violent coup against the current republic government in spite of some relative stability or, you are a homeless orphan who barely survives by selling scrap metal in a barren desert. In each case, you live in a world that is so desperate and dangerous, you either rely on the security of this awful group in spite of their atrocities or your are forced to fight for every meager resource you can get. In spite of that, you betray those survival instincts out of a small moment of empathy. Because of this choice, you are forced to run away from your life in order to escape death with the other person in this scenario that you had never met prior and in doing so, you meet two legendary figures from the aforementioned civil war. In the decades since it’s conclusion, the war has taken on what sound like mythical stories that involve the regional religion, Hinduism and a core tenant of it’s belief system, Atman & Brahman. You’ve heard these stories your entire life and though you understand there significance, you are old enough to be somewhat skeptical of there validity. The two figures that you just met are huge part’s of those myth’s, prior to this moment, you weren’t even sure if they actually existed at all. But right now, not only are you learning that these two legendary character’s are in fact real life people, but they’re telling you that all the stories you’ve heard about their life during the war are one hundred percent truth and in doing so, they are confirming for you that the entire concept of Atman & Brahman is absolutely and unequivocally real. You have just learned that the eternal soul and god is real, it’s all connected and you are inexplicably linked to it with every other living thing in existence. How could your life not completely change in that moment? That’s the story of Star Wars: The Fore Awakens; a movie that retrofit’s it’s predecessor’s style and mythology to not only remind viewers about what they loved about the films in the first place, but to utilize those thing for us to understand why it was ever so special to so many people. Continue reading Review of Star Wars The Force Awakens

This Years Finest 2015: The Empire Strikes Back In Marvel’s Star Wars

5446c5dd89eedAt the beginning of the year, Marvel Comics launched their line of Star Wars comics to immediate sales success and fanfare. Since then, the publisher hasn’t stopped releasing several new ongoing’s, miniseries & crossover’s related to the property to the delight of readers and retailers alike. But more then just being successful sales wise or in satisfying the fans, Marvel created some great comics by letting their creative talent imprint their own styles on the Star Wars mytho’s. Star Wars comics rocked readers everywhere in 2015 with a little something for everybody as you’ll see below.  Continue reading This Years Finest 2015: The Empire Strikes Back In Marvel’s Star Wars