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Mask of the Phantasm, A Legacy And Shadow On The DC Animated Universe


Batman: The Animated Series and its role as the starting point for the DC Animated Universe are well-known and fondly remembered by its fans. Decades later, the various shows that formed the DCAU have ended while others have come and gone. Even now, fans are more concerned with DC’s live action interconnected film universe and the next movie starring Ben Affleck’s as the Caped Crusader than what was done more than twenty years earlier, despite its superior quality. For example, the first DCAU movie set in the same realm as Batman: The Animated Series, Mask of the Phantasm…
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San Diego Comic Con News & Things 7/21/2017 Part Two

There is a flurry of announcements coming out San Diego Comic Con, this is some of the news that’s been revealed so far from the largest comics convention Continue reading San Diego Comic Con News & Things 7/21/2017 Part Two

Riding High with Harley


Harleen Quinzel AKA Harley Quinn, is at the peak of her popularity with her live action film debut in Suicide Squad and appearing in at least two monthly series for the last couple of years. She’s quickly become dubbed “DC’s Deadpool”, as a character with a runaway popularity and soaring public profile. What makes this lady so engrossing, why is she such a great character? Continue reading Riding High with Harley

Suicide Squad Movie Review


No Spoilers)

The third movie in the DC Extended Universe, following the controversial and under-performing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is here but does it live up to the hype or does the Squad commit Hara-Kiri? Read on if you dare… Continue reading Suicide Squad Movie Review

Banking Bad:People want to watch a movie about Bad Guys?


They say that a hero is only as good as their villain, but what if there is no hero? What if the villain occupies their place and function in a story? Seems like that could be an interesting tale. It’s a relatively untapped narrative but one which should be like butter is to bread in comics. So before we watch the villains go wild, let’s examine the cast’s previous outings and what we want from them this go around before offering tips for others to follow… Continue reading Banking Bad:People want to watch a movie about Bad Guys?

The Return of the Campy Villian


It used to be that when you had a colorful hero in the Super variety, there was an equally colorful villain opposite him with an over the top demeanor and wacky scheme. After a time we wanted to take our heroes, and by extension villains, as more real and grown up. Mad scientists and criminals with circus fetishes were replaced by evil corporate CEOs and foreign terrorists. Like all things, this has come full circle with the heroes becoming less stiff and more relaxed and the villains are slowly reflecting that. But why did they vanish in the first place, and how are we seeing them again today? Continue reading The Return of the Campy Villian

Asexual Representation in Fiction

Sex and sexuality is one of the most ubiquitous topics in media. It’s used to titillate, intrigue, get people’s attention, and sell. Almost every movie needs a love interest, no matter how little sense it makes in the narrative.

tom and alice
We may have had two conversations on screen, but since we are both hot,  we are totally in love forever! From Seventh Son.

But what about people who aren’t all that interested in sex? What if the male/female gaze does nothing for them? Well, it all looks kinda strange.

Asexuality is an orientation where someone has little to no interest in sex. However, not every asexual is repulsed by sex, so you can still have a libido and not feel sexual attraction. It’s a wide spectrum, including homo/hetero/bi/pan romantic aces* (asexuals that are interested in relationships, but not really interested in sex), aromantic aces (asexuals not interested in sex or relationships), grey aces (asexuals who experience sexual attraction infrequently or not strongly enough for them to be sure that it is attraction), and are closely related to demisexuals (people who only feel sexual attraction when they have a close emotional bond with someone).  Since asexuality is defined by the absence of something, it’s pretty diverse, so one would think we would have a lot of asexual characters to match the spectrum’s diversity. Continue reading Asexual Representation in Fiction

Cosmo’s Gallery: Nothing But Comics Visits DC

This past weekend I traveled to DC to visit my friend Brian. He’s one of my oldest friends, as well as fellow comic book fanatic. Together we attended the city’s Awesome Con, 2015. In addition, my colleague Katharine drove up from Virginia for her first convention experience. A good time was had by all.

Below are some of the sights of the weekend.


Captain America (crop)
Captain America

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The Origin of The Joker

Joker 1
How did a villainous psychopath like The Joker get his own comic book series? (THE JOKER #1, cover art by Ernie Chan)

Batman’s archenemy The Joker has had various origin stories over the years, and there have also been conflicting testimonials from his creators about their inspiration for the character. But this article isn’t about any of those origin stories. This article is about how declining comic book sales, less censorship, bad business practices, and the success of a horror comic paved the way for a psychotic super-villain character to star in an eponymous ongoing comic book series in the year 1975. This article isn’t about the origin of The Joker; it’s about the origin of The Joker.

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12 DAYS OF COMICS – DAY 9: GOTHAM CENTRAL Book Two Jokers and Madmen

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:


8 Heaths-a-quipping
7 Shields-a-spinning
6 Orcs-a-staining
Numerous Norse Words
Astonishing X-Men
Sex (not for love)
and Preacher Volume 3

download (1)

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