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Make Gotham Great Again


Out of all the comic book shows on the air, Fox’s Gotham stands apart from them all. Not just because it involves Batman characters, but also it’s a  procedural starring Batman characters ideally before they become who we know them as. Every season is a buckshot of quality, bizarre motivations, and awkward takes on iconic residents of Gotham City. The show has moments, like when Oswald Cobblepot runs for Mayor of Gotham on roughly the same platform as President Trump and wins. Everything else is up for debate… Continue reading Make Gotham Great Again

Gotham Academy Second Semester #10 Review


By Brenden Fletcher, Becky Cloonan, Karl Kerschl, Adam Archer, Sandra Hope, Massyk, Rob Haynes, Steve Wands

Olive Silverlock (under the influence of Calamity) continues her quest for vengeance in the name of Millie Jane Cobblepot, against her last living descendent, Oswald. Olive’s friends back at Gotham Academy search for a way to help her, but Maps has to deal with the Terrible Trio first.

In this iteration, the Terrible Trio is a secret club at the Academy who hold all the deepest secrets of the history of Gotham. With Maps making it her personal mission to uncover all the secrets she comes across, the Trio has her in their sights to be silenced.

While its been a long road getting here: the secret of Millie Jane Cobblepot, the intricacies of Gotham Academy, Olive Silverlock’s parentage and relationship to Kyle Mizoguchi, seeing it move forward a tiny bit is still as entertaining as ever.

Adam Archer’s art is distinctive, expressive and animated. Together with Massyk’s backgrounds and Haynes’ breakdowns, Gotham Academy remains one of DC’s most visually unique books, even against other Bat titles. The characters all have a Manga influenced style to them, while the world they inhabit is lush and detailed. These contrasts help to craft the children’s innocence against the complexities of the adult world which they must navigate to reach their goals.

While the inclusion of the major Gotham residents has never been necessary, Fletcher, Cloonan, and Kerschal have built a plot where it seems fitting to bring in characters like Batman, Penguin, and Two Face. Calamity is tearing through Gotham, and her targets have to be those that are instantly recognizable to readers as well as those who they know as important to the DCU. At the same time, Gotham Academy retains its human, or rather youthful, heart as Olive’s friends continue to solve mysteries and deal with their own drama while the larger plot plays out.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

Willie the Kool Penguin: The Cigarette Mascot That May (Or May Not) Have Inspired the Creation of a Batman Villain

Kool top hat and cane
Willie the Kool Penguin

The origin of Batman villain The Penguin is disputed.  According to comics historian Les Daniels in Batman: The Complete History, The Penguin debuted in Detective Comics #58 (December 1941); writer Bill Finger (uncredited for his co-creation of Batman with artist Bob Kane) claimed that The Penguin – with his signature top hat, monocle, tuxedo, cigarette holder, and umbrella – was inspired by emperor penguins and was intended to be a caricature of aristocrats, while Kane claimed that The Penguin was inspired by cartoon mascot Willie the Kool Penguin, who was used in the advertising for Kool menthol cigarettes.

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