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Amazon Announces Premiere Date for The Tick

Well, it looks like comic book fans might be spending a fair amount of time in front of the television this August (or whatever type of screen they use for viewing such content). Yesterday Amazon announced that their new Tick series would debut on August 25th, exactly one week after Netflix drops The Defenders. It should provide an entertaining study of contrasts as one of the strengths of last year’s pilot was how gleefully it parodied the grim-dark tone of Netflix’s superheros. No official statement, yet, on the number of episodes, but IMDB lists director credits for seven, so eight, perhaps?

The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz & Griffin Newman. It will be available through Amazon Prime’s streaming service.


This Year’s Finest 2016: TV Convo


2016 brought an increasing number of comic based programs to television. Josh joins me in discussing a large cross-section of what both worked and did not these past twelve months.

Cosmo: This year, the DC/CW brand continued its bold expansion, launching one new series (Legends of Tomorrow) and annexing a another (Supergirl). Before we get to those, and the Arrowverse’s namesake, let’s begin with what I feel remains the most consistently successful of the CW shows: Flash.

Josh how are you feeling about the series?

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Review of The Tick Pilot

The Tick skyscape

Ah, The Tick. For a character first created thirty years ago by Ben Edlund as a newsletter mascot for a comic book store, he has had a quite a career. Darling of independent comics, star of an animated series which ran for three seasons, followed by a live-action version which was on for, well, a less impressive amount of time. Still both series gained The Tick a devoted a cult audience that included non-comic book fans. Last week, The Tick returned to television screens once again as part of Amazon’s latest pilot season. Debuting alongside acclaimed writer/director Jill Soloway’s new project and whatever the hell that Jean-Claude Van Damme series is, The Tick is one of three new shows that the streaming service is considering for full season orders. In accordance to their usual practice they are letting viewers watch and give feedback on the various pilots. Should Amazon order more of The Tick? Based on the pilot, there is a fair amount of potential for the show going forward.

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