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What’s in a Name: The Significance of Titles

MV5BMTY1MDU1MzAwOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDkzNzY3._V1_SX640_SY720_In the year 2007, I watched a movie starring Sandra Bullock called Premonition. After leaving the theatre I deemed it the worst movie I have ever seen. What a terrible time travel movie. There are so many holes in it. Her husband dies mid week, one day she wakes up and it is before he dies, then the next day she wakes up and it is after he dies. She keeps flip flopping back and forth between before he dies and after he dies, trying to find a way to prevent it. However, a year later it was on TV and for some reason I will watch any movie that is on TV. Halfway through the film I got a revelation. The movie is titled Premonition. Premonition doesn’t have anything to do with time travel.

Premonitiona feeling or belief that something is going to happen when there is no definite reason to believe it will

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Freeze Frame 3/26/2014

It really doesn’t get better then this-Pat by JH Willams III from Sandman Overture #2


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Freeze Frame 2/26/1014

Tracksuit Dracula’s never learn-Pat
by David Aja from Hawkeye #15

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Indubitable Issues




Patrick says this deadly issue is a class above the rest…
Deadly Class #2
If you missed out on this you done fucked up plain and simple. In what’s already been a strong year for new creator owned comics this debut issue was by far the best. This comic feels personal like nothing else and the art is just splendid. Reading it you are instantly put into the time and place of the story but the writing of the charterers and the action had me hooked from page one going forward. Don’t miss out on this.
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Singularly Exceptional: Best Single Issues of 2013

Another week of December, another best of 2013 list. Today, I shall be reviewing some of the most memorable single issues of the year. The criteria for selection is an issue, whether part of a larger narrative or simply a self-contained tale, that impacted me the most these twelve months. These are not necessarily the best overall stories; some outstanding arcs from 2013 are unrepresented because there was no specific issue that stood out from the others. So, with that in mind, I present a list of 15. First place is a tie between two thematically overlapping choices; the remainder are listed in alphabetical order.

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FREEZE FRAME! The Weeks Best Moments! 11/20/13

Ya’ll ready for some MOMENTS!?

click on moments to make’em easier to read

BATMAN & TWO-FACE #25: Echoes of Miller’s Dark Knight flying proud here.

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thewakecoverThe early plan was to not be predictable for my first swing at Comic of the Week. However after proclaiming my love for The Wake this week and deeming it as possibly my favorite book on the stands it would be stupid of me not to pick the best issue of the series as the Comic of the Week. So fuck predictability my Comic of the Week is The Wake #5 because when a comic is good, it’s good!

Remove Snyder and remove Murphy for now and I would still buy this book based on the premise alone. I love a slow burn horror. My favorite movie of all time is Alien and I’m pretty sure absolutely nothing happens for the first 45 minutes. It is all about the setup to get to the tension rising for the payoff. The Wake started with the building of a research team, then the team finds themselves trapped with a deadly hallucination impressing monster and shit goes from bad to worse very quickly. We escalate from one monster to thousands then finally in this issue an enormous mother type monster. Although I would classify this book as a slow burn horror it is definitely action packed in every issue.

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Each Tuesday, the NBC Staff will comprise a Top Ten list for whatever the chosen topic is of that week. In the comments section, we can all compare the lists to see if there were any patterns. Also, feel free to post your own top ten lists.

Today we give you



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Pull List Playlist 9/26/2013

Welcome back to the fourth article of Pull List Playlist!  By now, you should all know how this works.  If you are
not sure, check out my previous posts by clicking the “Jungleland” category off to the side.
Staples Josie

I am going to apologize in advance for not having as much for you this week.  Things have been kind of crazy with a new project I am working on, so I did not have as much time for this week’s entry.

Like last week, besides my choices, we also have a special entry from NBC! writer Patrick Hess.

Don’t forget about the chance for you to shine!  You may be asking yourself, “How do I participate?”  The answer is simple.  On Wednesdays, while commenting on the comics you have read, just type the name of the song you feel goes best with the issue and explain your choice.  Make sure you mention this article, so I know that you would be okay with me posting it here.  I look forward to reading (and listening!) to your choices!

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