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This Year’s Finest 2015: Southern Bastards Got Something To Say

tumblr_neby2fmTRP1rbppffo1_500In the beginning of the series, Southern Bastards felt like a very straight forward crime story. A very good, straight forward crime story, but a straight forward crime story none the less. Yet in the final issue of the comics first arc; creators Jason Aaron & Jason Latour completely upended expectations in the books conclusion and from there, it felt like anything could happen. Aaron & Latour made good on that implication into the series second and third arcs as the comics scope continued to expand exponentially. Southern Bastards is still a book about organized crime and high school football in a small Alabama town, but it’s gone in deep on exploring the minutia of it’s setting and peoples history. It’s not just about organized crime and high school football in a small town, it’s about the who, what and why of organized crime and high school football in a small town. It’s about all the different people that make it possible, about their differences and similarities, about how their shared history makes for an engrossing saga about greed, power and community. Because of that, Southern Bastards has become the best ongoing comics series of the last twelve months; everything about the book defies expectations but it does so with a level of craft and singularity that in unmatched. Continue reading This Year’s Finest 2015: Southern Bastards Got Something To Say

This Year’s Finest 2015: The Ten Best Comics of 2015

We finally made it. Some old favorites, some new favorites and everything in between. These are the ten best comics of 2015 Continue reading This Year’s Finest 2015: The Ten Best Comics of 2015

This Year’s Finest 2015: The Best Single Issues

Comics in their essence are a serialized art form. We might discuss arcs and runs, trading waiting and so on, yet , most comics are still centered on the experience of reading individual chapters parceled out over a (typically) monthly basis. With this in mind, I offer my third annual list of the year’s most memorable single issues.

I start with my choices for the two very best:

Sandman Overture 6 J.H. Williams III
J.H. Williams III

Sandman Overture #6 by Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams III:  Dream’s cosmic journey across a universe (or two) came to a stunning conclusion in this issue. The issue contained several callbacks to Gaiman’s classic work, yet not none of them felt like self-serving fan service. Instead they enriched even further the fascinating personalities of the Dream Lord and his siblings. At the same time, Gaiman offered  a story where the stakes were huge. Williams more than ably met the challenge of Gaiman’s script handing in page after page of stunning art. His detailed, imaginative work defied any traditional sense of page layouts, spilling the action in all directions. Rarely have words and pictures blended so well to create a truly emotional experience on an epic scale. For more, read Cosmo’s staff review.
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This Year’s Finest 2015: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Gets Nuts

When I first discovered Squirrel Girl, I was in the 8th grade & thought it was the stupidest thing I’d ever heard. Like the villains that she’d defeated, I doubted the power of the squirrel. Never have I been so wrong about such an amazing character. Who would have thought that a comic about a girl who can talk to squirrels would be so good? Continue reading This Year’s Finest 2015: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Gets Nuts

This Year’s Finest 2015: Ms. Marvel Can Change The World

It’s difficult to talk about Ms. Marvel without talking about her real-world importance. We live in a time of xenophobia akin to the attitudes that led to Japanese Internment. The Republican front runner believes we should register Muslims and ban them from immigrating to America and people actually support it. Because that’s obviously Constitutional! We live in a climate where we let our fear of the actions of a few cloud our judgement of over 1.6 billion people and this fear destroys our compassion when it comes to people like refugees who need help. This is where Ms. Marvel comes in. In the real world, and out of it, she’s a hero and inspiration, which is why, in San Francisco, people have been defacing Islamophoblic ads with pictures of her. That is amazing. Kamala has only been around for two years and yet she’s making a huge impact in both the Marvel universe and real world. Continue reading This Year’s Finest 2015: Ms. Marvel Can Change The World

This Year’s Finest 2015

Hey chums, it’s almost Christmas and the NBC family has been gifting you with This Years Finest a treasure trove of writing on our favorite comics related things of 2015. While we’re not stopping anytime soon, here’s a handy dandy guide to what we’ve done so far

Browse all the This Years Finest content here


Lumberjanes by Katharine

The Empire Strikes Back In Marvels Star Wars by Pat

Shutter, The Story So Far by Dean

Saga Teaches Family First by Dean

The Omega Men Awaken by Pat

Batman, Endings & Begginings by Dean

Secret Wars Shows Me A Hero by Pat

The Manhattan Projects Space Is Depressing by Dean

Convo On The Year In Comic Adaptations on Television by Cosmo & Josh

Convo On The Year In Comics Adaptations On Film by Cosmo & Pat


The Ten Best Writes of 2015

The Years Best Covers by Cosmo

The Ten Best Artists of  2015

The Ten Best New Series of 2015

The Most Memorable Characters of 2015 by Cosmo

Expect more including best single issues, best series, a special Wic+Divine/Phonogram Playlist and more. Until then, happy holidays from the NBC family to you & yours

This Year’s Finest 2015: The Ten Best Writers

Here we go; what is annually our most debated list both internally and in the comments, here is our ten favorite writers of 2015. Some new faces, some old face’s and some surprising rankings. Continue reading This Year’s Finest 2015: The Ten Best Writers

This Year’s Finest 2015: LumberJanes

I’ve never been a big Summer Camp person.  Personally, I prefer the comforts of air conditioning and the Internet over a dirty old cabin with hard beds and mosquitoes eating me alive but maybe I’m just incredibly soft.The only time I ever went camping was a one night event with my Girl Scout Troop. I was in the second grade, and like most second graders, we were all incredibly gullible. The cabin where we slept was comprised of two rooms  with two entrances full of bunk beds. Campers were allowed to write on the walls and in the second room, there was a ghost story. “Not so long ago, a girl scout fell asleep in this very cabin with the doors locked. There was a fire and the girl burned alive. If you lock yourself in the cabin, she’ll come back and do the same thing to you.” We spent the rest of the day asking counselors about it and only got vague answers while looking around the cabin for “evidence”. Needless to say none of us slept in that part of the cabin that night and the ghost didn’t show even when troop leader locked the door to our side of the cabin.

Every camp seems to come with legends like the extra crispy girl scout that haunted my cabin. Noelle Stevenson and Shannon Watters perfectly capture the mystique of Summer Camp legends and the sisterhood of the Girl Scouts in Lumberjanes, a comic about the girls of the Roanoke cabin in Miss Quinzella Thisquin Penniquiquil Thistles Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types.

Lumberjanes follows the adventures of Ripley, Jo, April, Mal, Molly and their counselor Jen as they explore the woods. They find the usual stuff: shapeshifting bear ladies, merwomyn, Grootslangs. You know, the typical camp stuff.

Pictured left to right: April, Jo, Jen, Ripley, Molly, and Mal Stevenson and Ellis

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This Year’s Finest 2015: Uncovering the Best Covers

How many stellar comic book covers were there this year? So many that instead of restricting myself to an arbitrary number like 10 or even 20, I have assembled a list of 26 spanning a variety of artists and styles. As in the past, I limited myself to one selection per artist or series.

All entries are alphabetical according to title.

Arcadia 2 Matt Taylor
Arcadia #2 by Matt Taylor

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