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Review of Thor God Of Thunder #18


Thor God of Thunder #18 By Jason Aaron and Das Pastoras

On Tuesday I pleaded with you to get your hands on Thor God of Thunder this week. I warned you if you missed the return of Esad Ribic you would never forgive yourself. The rest of your life would be filled with regret and remorse. You would second guess every decision you made and wonder just what your life might have been like had you just listened to that weird Canadian kid on that super cool website. I picked up my comics on Wednesday, arrived home and dug straight into Thor. I gazed at the Ribic cover, my pituitary gland releasing endorphin’s and the pain of the past washing away. I flipped the page…”hmmm”…I flipped the next page…”what the fuck is this?” This is not the return of Ribic. I frantically flipped back to the cover and apparently failed to recognize the first time around that only the cover is by Ribic, the interiors are drawn by Das Pastoras.

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