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Bobby and Binks: The First Comic Book Time Travelers

Whether it’s Superboy visiting the future to hang out with a legion of teenage superheroes, or X-Men traveling back in time to prevent the creation of an anti-mutant future, time travel is a long-standing plot device in comic books. In fact, a fantasy time travel adventure strip appeared in the very first comic book to feature solely original content, New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1 (cover dated February 1935); the title of the strip was The Magic Crystal of History.

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Advance Review of Transference #1

Transference 1 Ron Salas
Ron Salas

By Michael Moreci & Ron Salas

Transference opens with what appears to be an overly familiar narrative sequence. Three espionage agents are driving through France. They are searching for an enigmatic terrorist named Fasad. Team leader Colton is weary of this mission, though. They have no intel on Fasad, while he seems to know way too much about them. This is not how it normally works. Something is askew. So far, so good. We have all seen this type of story play out in one form or another before. Suddenly, though, a commuter train explodes into flames, and Agent Jordon is shouting warnings about preserving the time line. Colton and associates are no longer standard issue spies.

After this prologue, the story flashes back to the present. Moreci gives readers a taste of how Colton normally operates. He has been charged with making sure that an entitled rich man allows his wife to leave him. See, she wishes to pursue her own life, become a heart surgeon, a heart surgeon which one day will save the life of a very important patient. That individual’s life cannot be put in jeopardy. In such a way, Moreci introduces into his story issues of causality, along with questions of destiny. These quandaries only become more pronounced as the narrative continues to unfold.
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Cthulhu Asks Tough Questions – The Mark Millar Interview

Every week, malevolent cosmic deity and comics connoisseur Cthulhu critiques comics via Twitter (@ClockpunkEllis).  Cthulhu also reaches out to comics creators on Twitter  to ask them tough, personal questions.  This week, Cthulhu contacted Mark Millar, the creator and writer of such comics as Kick-Ass, Supercrooks, MPH, Starlight, The Secret Service, and the upcoming Chrononauts, to ask him a tough question.

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