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New DC Line Of Comics Spinning Out of Dark Night Event

DC Comics will launch a new line of comics titled Dark Matter spinning out of the previously announces Dark Nights: Metal event. The titles will include a new version of The Challengers of The Unknown by Scott Snyder & Andy Kubert with additional series by James Tynion IV & Jim Lee, Dan Abnett & John Romita Jr, Dan Didio, Justin Jordan, Justin Jordan’s beard & Kenneth Rocafort, Robert Vendetti & Tondy Daniels. More details at EW

The Return Of Batman Eternal Is Coming In October Of 2015

FACE OFF! The Story Behind The Joker’s Face!

The following comes from Tony Daniel (the writer / artist of the New 52 Detective Comics) via his Facebook page:

Detective1g“THE STORY of how the ripped off face came to be. The Joker with the hole in heads splash was to be the original cliffhanger to Detective Comics #1. Joker was SUSPECTED of being partially lobotomized by the Dollmaker and left in a vegetative state (or so that’s what the crooked ME would tell Gordon).

WHAT WAS TO BE: Was the Joker faking it? Joker would’ve escaped from the Arkham hospital before a police transport, with the aid of Dollmaker’s henchmen. (Remember the nurse)? He would’ve disappeared for a year, and double crossed by the Dollmaker who would’ve held him captive for some time because he wanted to study the “worlds greatest villain.” Long story short, Joker would’ve killed Dollmaker and his cronies, except for the Nurse who at that point fell in love with him and helped him. DC felt the lobotomy angle was a bit too over the top. They wanted the crossover the following year to be between Detective Comics, Batman and the others. So Scott Snyder and I got on the phone to talk about what we could do for the crossover, “The return of the Joker.”

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Each week, the NBC Staff will share various comics we think are worthy to be your pull list.  These issues will be picked based upon just how excited we are for them to come out.  We dig them, and you might too.

Feel free to let us know what YOU think WE should be reading in the comment section below.

You gotta feel it in your Soule…Ukerupp thinks you should try:

AUG130187 Superman/Wonder Woman #1

Charles Soule and Tony S. Daniel

This guy Charles Soule is one to keep your eye on.  I’m calling it now, he will go down in the books as one of the best writers of this generation.  I don’t read Superman, and I only read Wonder Woman in trades so I am not caught up, but I will be picking this up.

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Review of “Superman/Wonder Woman #5”

by Charles Soule and Tony Daniels

This issue sees an interesting turn on the Supes/Wondy relationship. It’s discussed and examined by both yet neither one is around the other. Superman is questioned what happens if he “angers” WW, and WW reflects on how different she is from Superman. Basically, how they should react to each other and if the relationship can last. And of course there’s an exciting brawl with Zod and Faora. It is interesting that DC is incorporating Faora into the comics (with the costume she wore in MoS). Also that Zod can just call her “woman” and there is no exception taken. And didn’t he snap her neck last issue? Oh well.

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Review of Superman/Wonder Woman #4

Cover of "Superman/Wonder Woman #4"
Cover of “Superman/Wonder Woman #4”

By Charles Soule and Tony Daniel

This is the second comic today that made me question why I hate Love stories. Damn you Charles Soule and your brilliant mind!

In all fairness this isn’t a “Romance” comic. It’s more of a comic about a couple that can’t get any alone time. But, still pretty compelling.

What does it say about Charles Soule that he’s writing two of the most powerful and challenging characters (TOGETHER) for the last 4 months and crushed it each time? Continue reading Review of Superman/Wonder Woman #4