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Freeze Frame 4/2/2014

Meanwhile this happened-Pat by Ulises Farinas from Judge Dredd; Mega City Two #3



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Singularly Exceptional: Best Single Issues of 2013

Another week of December, another best of 2013 list. Today, I shall be reviewing some of the most memorable single issues of the year. The criteria for selection is an issue, whether part of a larger narrative or simply a self-contained tale, that impacted me the most these twelve months. These are not necessarily the best overall stories; some outstanding arcs from 2013 are unrepresented because there was no specific issue that stood out from the others. So, with that in mind, I present a list of 15. First place is a tie between two thematically overlapping choices; the remainder are listed in alphabetical order.

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sep130312TRILLIUM #4 (OF 8)


Jeff Lemire’s “last love story” continues to astound with it’s own very special charm. There are not too many comics out there right now like this one. Get it.







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Pull List Playlist 9/6/13

Welcome to the very first article of Pull List Playlist!  Before I begin, let me explain how this is going to work.  Every week, I will take a selection of my comic pull list Staples Josieand find songs which I believe pair well with each issue.  I will choose the songs based on the theme, reaction, and emotion of the issues.  Quality of the comic will not be taken into consideration.  That conversation belongs in other places on this site.

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Freeze Frame! The Week’s Best Moments! 9/4/13

The gang is back with our FAVORITE COMIC MOMENTS THIS WEEK!

Best moments of the week.  Right here.  See them?  Just below.  I know, right?

Ghostmann freezes…

Trillium #2
By Jeff Lemire

Trillium #2-Erik
When I turned the page and saw this I smiled and my heart melted. For a drawing to invoke such strong emotions it ceases to be called a drawing and becomes magic.


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Uncover the Best Covers! 9/4/2013

Every Thursday, each staff member will chose his favorite cover of the week to showcase here.

The times are tough now, just getting tougher.  The whole world is rough, it’s getting rougher…Cover me!

Ghostmann uncovers…
There is so much motion to this cover. The fluidity is astounding. Jae Lee is a master when it comes to manipulating negative space.

Cover Art By Jae Lee

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Pick of the Week for 9/4/2013: Trillium

Wow. Just wow.

Was there ever really any doubt to what my pick of the week was going to be? I mean if you’ve spent time on the site reading my comments you will know I’m a big fan of this series and of Jeff Lemire. I honestly read a bunch of other comics today – some good, some bad, and some that I almost picked as my Pick of the Week. But I couldn’t shake Trillium from my mind. Like any good work of art it lingers long after you have experienced it – a song that you can’t get out of your head. Trillium is a brilliant work of art.
Jeff Lemire understands that Comic Books have an ability to tell a story unlike any other medium and he uses this understanding to bring a freshness and life to a genre full of “events” that more often then not leave you feeling unsatisfied and bored. Comics are filled with dime a dozen cookie cutter characters and scenarios that are derivative of greater works from greater creators. But we slog through the dreck to find those diamonds in the rough, and let me tell you reading Trillium is worth every shitty comic I suffer though, looking for that diamond. I found it here in these beautifully water-colored pages. This book outshines the rest. We are witnessing a masterpiece being constructed right before our eyes.

Why Aren’t You Reading This? 9/4/13

Each week, the gang will share various comics we think you should pull on Wednesday.  These issues will be picked based upon just how excited we are for them to come out.  Remember, these may not be the best books to come out this week, but they are ones we cannot wait to get our hands on.  Feel free to chime in in the comment section below!

Event fatigue is for the weak…Ukerupp thinks
you should try:


Forever Evil #1

Geoff Johns and David Finch

I know I am going to catch a bunch of flack from
some of you, but I am really
excited for this follow-up to Trinity War.  While TW
suffered from the boring chaos during the middle
chapters, it began interesting and ended with a
perfect cliff-hanger.  With all the different reveals in
the final issue (The Grid, anyone?!?), I cannot wait to
see what comes next.  Johns has me hook, line, and
stinker sinker for this series.

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