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Freeze Frame 11/4/2016

From Moon Knight #8 Francesco Francavilla, James Stokoe, WIlfredo Torres & Michael Garland
From Moon Knight #8 by Francesco Francavilla, James Stokoe, WIlfredo Torres & Michael Garland

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Review of Jupiter’s Circle Volume 2 #1

JupitersCricleBy Mark Millar and Wilfred Torres

Jupiter’s Legacy is a fantastic comic. It would be incredible if we could get more sometime in the future, but seeing as it took 2 years for 5 issues to be released, I won’t be holding my breath. However, the prequel, Jupiter’s Circle from Mark Millar and Wilfred Torres definitely holds up to the great quality of Legacy. While Legacy introduced a world where superheroes and their identities are household names, Circle allows Millar to focuses the story on the original league of superheroes and the things they had to struggle through both public and private to arrive at the world of Legacy. While Legacy would get pushed off for months, Circle comes out with their second #1 in a year.

If you have not read a Millar Jupiter title before Jupiter’s Circle, Volume 2 #1 is actually a great introduction to the world. It is a nice and relaxing issue to kick off the new arc. However, if you haven’t read Jupiter’s Legacy you will completely miss the uneasy tone of this issue. It will simply feel like a beautiful story about a perfect couple and their lonely single woman friend. Let me give you some background just in case. This issue of Jupiter’s Circle features two woman: Jane Sampson who is The Utopian’s wife and Lady Liberty who is The Utopian’s wife many years later in Jupiter’s Legacy.

Jane Sampson tells the story of how perfect her marriage is. She gushes over the man she is married to. Jane did not travel to the island and get super powers with Sheldon. Jane is not super powered, hence the space suit every time he takes her to the moon for dinner or to Jupiter’s moon for an anniversary. Jane is completely in love with her perfect man and can’t believe he is also the most powerful man in the world.

Lady Liberty, also known as Grace, is in the desperation dating phase. She really doesn’t care at this point what kind of man she ends up with, she just wants a man. The problem is, she is extremely intimidating. She can’t even get a one night stand to stick around for the actual sex part before running off. Jane and Sheldon are worried about Grace and wish she could just find a guy that makes her happy. Well, be careful what you wish for Jane. Giving up on the hope of romance Grace spends her evenings and weekends reading on the beach, while Jane and Sheldon eat in Paris…again.

This issue is completely conflict free, on the surface. If you happened to forget that Grace and Sheldon are married in Jupiter’s Legacy then you may read it as sunshine and rainbows. I would suggest controlling those warm fuzzies and reading it again, because this perfectly happy Jane, doesn’t end up with her perfect man.

While Millar is mastering all the details of this love triangle he also throws in a very humorous villain who wreaks havoc on the world for about an hour as he takes all the color out of the world. A very appropriate joke for a comic set in the 1950’s.

Millar and Torres keep their form up, as Jupiter’s Circle delivers yet another great issue. You should not be missing this one.

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