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This Week’s Finest: The Spirit: The Corpse-Makers #1

Francesco Francavilla

By Francesco Francavilla

Last week DC commenced their celebration of Jack Kirby’s Centennial by launching a new Kamandi series featuring a star-studded rooster of talent. This week Dynamite shifts the focus to Will Eisner, who like The King of Comics, would have turned 100 this year. Both Kirby and Eisner were profoundly talented writer/artists who left an indelible mark on the medium. In Eisner’s case, his signature creation was a masked crime fighter, The Spirit. Dynamite debuted the latest Spirit tale today, The Corpse-Makers. Based on its initial installment, the series promises to be a fitting tribute to Eisner.

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Tuesday Top Fifteen: Our Favorite Creators Creighton

Nothing But Comics has hit our three year mark and in observance of the site’s anniversary, every Tuesday from now until we finish, one of our staff members will list off their favorite comics creators all time. Last week was Patrick, this week is Cosmo’s. Continue reading Tuesday Top Fifteen: Our Favorite Creators Creighton

Indubitable Issues & Pull Lists




 Josh’s Recommendations:
Iron Fist Epic Collection TPB Fury Of Iron Fist
Written and drawn by Silver-Age pros Roy Thomas with Gil Kane, this volume collects the stories that cemented Iron Fist in the MCU and as one of the prominent Kung Fu fighters in comics. A must have for any fan of Danny Rand.

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Spirited Beginnings…


“WHO IS… THE SPIRIT? From his eerie headquarters under Wildwood Cemetery, masked criminologist Denny Colt — believed by many to be dead — secretly fights crime as The Spirit!’ From his home in Central City to the far-flung corners of the world and beyond, The Spirit attracts the most seductive and dangerous femmes fatale and wages a neverending war against streetwise crooks, criminal master-minds and otherworldly beings… with only quick wits, sharp humour and his two gloved fists.”- Intro to the comic strips

Will Eisner was an innovator and prolific creator in the comics industry, influencing both Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman in their youth. One of his most popular creations returns to comics this week, in the form of Dynamite’s “Will Eisner’s The Spirit #1” by Matt Wagner. Here I will go over the history and significance of the Spirit…

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Will Eisner’s the Spirit #1 Review

Will Eisner's Spirit 1

by Matt Wagner, Dan Schkade

Matt Wagner resurrects Will Eisner’s famous masked crime-fighter in this issue, but does it live up to expectations? In a way, it depends on what you were expecting.

The Spirit has been missing for 2 years and is presumed dead. Commissioner Dolan is being forced into retirement and is making the best of his last days by trying to curb the crime wave due to the Spirit’s absence. His daughter, Ellen, is engaged to a mild-mannered assistant DA and the two reminisce about what the Spirit meant to them. On the other side of town, the Spirit’s former companion, Ebony White, has started a detective agency with his friend Sammy. After they finish their first (and only) assignment, Ebony decides to go after the biggest mystery that’s been under their noses all along, what happened to the Spirit?

It’s a gutsy move opening this series with the titular character appearing only briefly in a few panels and Wagner choosing to build up his supporting cast and tease out his appearance to the reader. I applaud the effort, but I don’t think it’s execution was 100% effective. We have a scene or two with Ellen and her father telling what the Spirit meant to them, but the man who spent the most time around him in costume has no flashback and barely mentions him? Surely a page or a few panels could be given to show Ebony’s connection to the Spirit, if only to justify why he’s going to devote his limited resources to finding him?

Being the Spirit’s former partner could be reason enough,which if so, that highlights another possible problem with a heavy reliance on the past. The Spirit is a character 75+ years old and this series seems to be picking up where Eisner’s run left off. We can see this with Commissioner Dolan retiring and an aged Ebony White. But the decision to put Ebony in a red outfit and drive a taxi doesn’t make much sense to people coming into this world for the first time. For those that come in with a decent background of the characters, the issue has enough Easter eggs to pique interest in the next issue.

Dan Schkade’s art style is good at imitating Will Eisner’s and makes the world of the Spirit feel like it never went away. The decision to keep the setting close to the 1940’s is probably for the best, as it allows for a throwback atmosphere. Schkade proves to be the ideal artist to render it, with a smooth cartooning look for the inhabitants of Central City .

Overall, Wagner’s first issue takes a slower and more thoughtful approach in reintroducing the Spirit. While this won’t catch immediate attention from readers, Wagner has proven himself a reliable storyteller for the classic pulp characters (The Shadow, Zorro, Green Hornet). Sure to please fans of the character, this issue is set right in the world that Will Eisner drew decades ago.

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