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This Year’s Finest 2015: The Best Single Issues

Comics in their essence are a serialized art form. We might discuss arcs and runs, trading waiting and so on, yet , most comics are still centered on the experience of reading individual chapters parceled out over a (typically) monthly basis. With this in mind, I offer my third annual list of the year’s most memorable single issues.

I start with my choices for the two very best:

Sandman Overture 6 J.H. Williams III
J.H. Williams III

Sandman Overture #6 by Neil Gaiman & J.H. Williams III:  Dream’s cosmic journey across a universe (or two) came to a stunning conclusion in this issue. The issue contained several callbacks to Gaiman’s classic work, yet not none of them felt like self-serving fan service. Instead they enriched even further the fascinating personalities of the Dream Lord and his siblings. At the same time, Gaiman offered  a story where the stakes were huge. Williams more than ably met the challenge of Gaiman’s script handing in page after page of stunning art. His detailed, imaginative work defied any traditional sense of page layouts, spilling the action in all directions. Rarely have words and pictures blended so well to create a truly emotional experience on an epic scale. For more, read Cosmo’s staff review.
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This Year’s Finest 2015: Uncovering the Best Covers

How many stellar comic book covers were there this year? So many that instead of restricting myself to an arbitrary number like 10 or even 20, I have assembled a list of 26 spanning a variety of artists and styles. As in the past, I limited myself to one selection per artist or series.

All entries are alphabetical according to title.

Arcadia 2 Matt Taylor
Arcadia #2 by Matt Taylor

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