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This Week’s Finest: The Wicked + the Divine #28

The Wicked + The Divine 28 cover Jamie McKelvie
Jamie McKelvie

By Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson

As previously observed, The Wicked + the Divine has always been focused on the subject of youth. However, this has hardly caused the series to remain static—quite the opposite in fact. One of writer Kieron Gillen’s motifs has been how the devil-may-care attitudes of adolescence gradually cede to the responsibilities of adulthood. The initial arcs depicted a Pantheon fully in thrall to their newfound powers; most of the freshly minted divinities were luxuriating in dazzlingly heights (or lows, if you were the Goth type with a preference for moping through poorly lit tube stations). It is true that mortality haunted The Pantheon from nearly the beginning striking down some of its brightest stars. Perhaps this is another reason why the brilliant Tara chapter (#13) struck such a deep chord: here was a portrait of a god buckling under the weight of her mantle. Tara never sought fame and all its trappings; indeed she desired as much anonymity as possible. When she turned to Ananke, The Pantheon’s mentor, for relief,, Tara was brutally rebuffed. In death she became another reminder of the finality which waits even for the divine. In fact, each time a Pantheon member has died, the tone of the narrative has shifted. Lucifer’s demise moved the theme from cheeky world-building concept to heart-wrenching poignancy. Inanna and Tara’s deaths deepened this somber atmosphere. Then Persephone’s killing of Ananke altered the status quo even more drastically. Adult supervision was gone and the children were left to fend for themselves. What would they do now that the only authority was their own? “Whatever we want,” Persephone declares. As the first half of Imperial Phase powerfully draws to a close, the reader is left wondering just how well that anthem is working out for any of them.

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Review of The Wicked + The Divine #22

The Wicked + The Divine 22 Olly Moss
Olly Moss

By Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie & Matthew Wilson

By its nature, The Wicked + The Divine has been about youth since Day 1. In the world of the series, every 40 years a dozen deities are reincarnated, invested with enormous power and entrusted with the task of nudging human culture forward in opposition to The Great Darkness. Their light burns bright, yet also burns quickly; once they receive their divinity, none of them live longer than two years. This rapid confrontation with mortality is what sets The Wicked + The Divine apart from Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s previous youth soaked thrill ride, Young Avengers. In place of Young Avengers’ life-affirming focus on growth, The Wicked + The Divine gazes straight into the abyss of mortality. However, whenever a writer chooses to contemplate youth, they are almost always led to a conflict of generations. This is true of The Wicked + The Divine as well, especially in the excellent recent arc, Rising Action.

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