Akira Yoshida Presents: Seven Comics We’d Like to Give Donald Trump for Christmas

Editor’s Note:  “Akira Yoshida Presents” is a feature posted on behalf of guest contributor Akira Yoshida, who writes the blog posts other contributors don’t want to post using their real names….

As we approach the end of the year, it is common for comics blogs to prepare a list of their favorite comics. Such lists provide bloggers with an opportunity to recommend comics that they hope will provide entertainment and perspective to others.

During this holiday season, a time of peace and sharing, Nothing But Comics would like to make some respectful comics recommendations to President Donald Trump, in the hopes that these comics might entertain and enlighten America’s president.

Here’s a list of seven comics we’d like to give Donald Trump for Christmas:


We Stand on Guard Deluxe Hardcover — This Image Comics series from writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Steve Skroce (with colorist Matt Hollingsworth and letters from Fonografiks) imagines the United States invading Canada a century from now in order to claim Canada’s freshwater supply. By depicting the conflict from the viewpoint of Canadian resistance fighters, the comic provokes its American readers by portraying the United States as a selfish imperialistic power while also providing plenty of action, engaging characters, and futuristic military hardware beautifully rendered by Skroce. The comic might also inspire the president to research the health and humanitarian issues associated with current freshwater scarcity.

Cover for FABLES #30 (James Jean, artist)

Fables #30— A fantasy series depicting the adventures of storybook characters exiled in modern New York, this issue sees Prince Charming elected mayor of his community after promising sweeping social changes. However, Charming soon learns that his grand promises are impossible to keep — a comedic commentary on the consequences of unrealistic political promises, delivered brilliantly by the creative team of writer Bill Willingham, artist Mark Buckingham, inker Steve Leialoha, and colorist Daniel Vozzo.


Prez: Corndog-in-Chief— This sci-fi political satire from writer Mark Russell and artist Ben Caldwell imagines the unsolicited election of accidental teenage social media sensation Beth “Corndog Girl” Ross as America’s president in the year 2036. The series offers a funny look at celebrity politics, out-of-control social media, unrestrained corporations, foolish politicians, and an economically divided America. (Thank goodness it’s only science fiction!) The oldest elected president in U.S. history is sure to love America’s youngest elected fictional president!


Ms. Marvel: No Normal — this Marvel Comics trade collection introduces Kamala Kahn, a charming Muslim Pakistani-American teenager who becomes the superhero Ms. Marvel after a Terrigen cloud triggers her Inhuman powers. Writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona use Kamala’s adventures to explore real-word prejudices and minority desires for inclusion, and also provide a diverse, engaging supporting cast along with plenty of superhero action.


Savage: The Guv’nor — An alternate history comic strip from the pages of British sci-fi weekly 2000 AD that imagines Britain was invaded in 1999 by Russian analogs (the Volgans), this trade collection, set in 2009, sees resistance leader Bill Savage work with U.S. forces to liberate his home from enemy occupation. It’s a riveting action story written by Pat Mills and illustrated by Patrick Goddard, set in an alternate world that explores what might happen if the U.S. and its European allies don’t stand together against Russian aggression.


Ex Machina: Smoke Smoke — In this trade collection, writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Tony Harris present the tough decisions faced by former superhero and current New York City mayor Mitchell Hundred as he ponders the societal and political impact of decriminalizing marijuana.  After reading this comic, Trump might be inspired to re-examine his Attorney General’s aggressive crack down on marijuana users.


Civil War— In this Marvel Comics miniseries that examines what happens when Marvel’s superhuman community is deeply divided on the balance between freedom and security, writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven present a compelling political fable that warns about the tragic, destructive consequences of fierce societal division.

Our sincere hope is that the above comics will give the president something to think about, and we would love for Santa to stuff these comics in President Trump’s Christmas stocking this year.  Merry Christmas, Mr. President!

Respectfully — Akira Yoshida


Note: “Akira Yoshida” is a previously-used pseudonym appropriated by this post’s non-Asian author.

The images above are the property of their respective owner(s), and are presented here for not-for-profit, educational purposes only under the fair use doctrine of the copyright laws of the United States of America.

5 thoughts on “Akira Yoshida Presents: Seven Comics We’d Like to Give Donald Trump for Christmas”

  1. This is clever once again. Fables is an all time favorite of mine. I’ve gone to a few cons and gotten special con exclusive pages directly from Mr. Willingham himself. Buckingham is an out of this world talent to boot. Ex Machina was a fantastic series as well. I was sad to see Prez end. Not since the ending of Crossgen comics have I missed a series so suddenly. I’ve read the others as well and they are apropos. Well thought out picks.

    The Donald would do well to learn a thing or two from any or all of these series but perhaps the most damning thing about him is that people say that he has no curiosity. He thinks he knows everything so why bother seeking out new information.

    1. Per the Associated Press news story below, I fear the whole idea is moot…

      NORTH POLE (AP) — Workshop officials have refused to confirm whether President Donald Trump will receive comics from Santa Claus this year, despite a growing social media push prompted by a Thursday post (“Seven Comics We’d Like to Give Donald Trump for Christmas”) at the blog Nothing But Comics; the hashtag “#ComicsforTrump” soon trended to the top of Twitter, with proponents suggesting additional comics titles. However, Santa’s helpers are noncommittal on the subject.

      “It’s not going to happen,” said a senior logistics elf, on condition of anonymity. “He’s on the naughty list.” 

      While workshop officials would not officially confirm Trump’s status on the naughty list, it is possible that the president may soon receive an unsolicited supply of the coal that he often champions in speeches.

  2. Steve Bannon said this week…“Revolutions and civil wars take a long time. I never said Alabama was going to solve anything,” he said.

    The problem with the United States having the most successful revolution in history is that too often we think that revolution is easier than it truly is. We are all lucky… not to end up at the back end of a Russian revolution or an Islamic revolution or a French Revolution. Bannon says “civil war/ revolution” this week? 99/100 revolutions lead to more of the same shit or “god forbid” much worse shit. In the case of the greatest nation on the earth having another revolution or another civil war… we have only one way to go… down. The United States isn’t perfect but it is still the best chance we have to maintain freedom and equality world wide. I’m all for reform from within… but this crazy shit. How does the saying go? “It’s easier to tear things down than build them up”.

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