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This Year’s Finest 2016: TV Convo


2016 brought an increasing number of comic based programs to television. Josh joins me in discussing a large cross-section of what both worked and did not these past twelve months.

Cosmo: This year, the DC/CW brand continued its bold expansion, launching one new series (Legends of Tomorrow) and annexing a another (Supergirl). Before we get to those, and the Arrowverse’s namesake, let’s begin with what I feel remains the most consistently successful of the CW shows: Flash.

Josh how are you feeling about the series?

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Comic Convo: Image Comics Releases 8/17/2016

385280._SX640_QL80_TTD_Dean: After a slow past week of Image books we pick things up again with a Wednesday full of violent and visually stunning comics. Creighton is joining us for the talk this week. Creighton, what books did you read this week?

Cosmo: I read Descender, The Wicked + The Divine & I Hate Fairyland.
Let’s start off with Descender. I’ve been really enjoying this series, and thought that the current arc’s focus on filling in various characters’ background has been intriguing. So I was looking forward to seeing what Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen would do with the pet-bot. However, while it had the typically lush and lovely art from Nguyen, I was disappointed in the script. Unlike the previous two issues, it didn’t really tell us much about the character we did not know already. Not a bad issue; it definitely had some poignant moments. Just not as sharp as the previous two.  Continue reading Comic Convo: Image Comics Releases 8/17/2016

Comic Convo: Image Comics Released 8/3/2016


Pat: So Dean, every week we get Image Comics that consistently blow our mind terms of craft, quality and scope. Unfortunately, because of how Marvel & DC Comics dominate the news cycle and are constantly relaunching their books, ongoing Image series that we love tend to fall by the wayside. I think this is a problem because even if the series isn’t new or as hyped as when it debuted, the books Image puts out are still the best comics I’m reading by a pretty wide margin. So I thought why not talk to Dean, the NBC member that probably reads more Image series then any of us, to shine a light on what are the best comics being published right now.

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Comic Convo: DC Rebirth Week Two

WonderWomanRebirth1DC has rebooted once again and were covering it every week in our comic convo’s. Here is week two on Wonder Woman, The Flash & Aquaman Rebirth #1 along with Action Comics #957 & Detective Comics #934 Continue reading Comic Convo: DC Rebirth Week Two

Comic Convo: Future Quest #1

FTcCosmo: This past Wednesday DC revived their Hanna-Babera properties in a grand manner. Except for Scooby-Doo, these characters have been pretty much neglected by DC of late. Not anymore as DC unveiled the first in a series of new titles: Future Quest. From the start it had bold ambition: uniting diverse characters from across the Hanna-Barbera stable under the aegis of the dynamic collaborators Jeff Parker, Evan “Doc” Shaner & Jordie Bellaire. Expectations were pretty high for this debut, yet, Parker, Shaner and Bellaire were able to meet them.  Continue reading Comic Convo: Future Quest #1