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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (12/13/17)




Dean’s Recommendations…
Aliens: Dead Orbit #4
“Well, the end is here. This book proved to be one of my favorites of the year. Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to James Stokoe’s take on the Alien universe.”

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The Haul: March 2017

Looking back on last month’s article, I came to the realization that I tend to add more books to a list than I’m actually able to read and, in may cases, afford. There are only so many hours left at the end of the day to tackle my pull list, and, while they are a passion, comic books are not my only hobby. On top of that, I’ve been reading a lot more “older” stuff lately. This list will be more realistic, conservative towards what I think I’ll actually read. If I get to more, great! I’d love to read every good book out there.

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The Haul: February 2017

After an almost three year hiatus (the last post came out on 4/30/14), I’ve decided to bring back my column “The Haul.” At its inception, I vowed to write something once a week. Not only did that not happen then, but I will not even pretend to make that claim again today. However, what I can promise is to pop in at least once a month for this new endeavor. When “The Haul” first debuted, it was meant as a place where I could talk about whatever was on my mind that week in the world of comics. Having that freedom was nice, but this next iteration will have better specified boundaries. By dropping a lens over this column, I can provide a clearer focus on what it is readers can expect.

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It’s A Wonderful Day To Be A Cullen Bunn Fan

c2j-ss1xgaan-1Writer Cullen Bunn, who will go down in the annals of Nothing But Comics history for having called out Alex in person for something negative I wrote about him, had two announcements with Image and Marvel comics recently. The writers Monsters Unleashed event will continue into an ongoing series in April of 2017 with art by David Baldeon of Nova in addition to the launching of his first Image Comics series titled Regression with artist Danny Luckert of Haunted & colorist of Marie Enger of Pistolwhip. More details here & here via CBR

Marvel Reveals Creative Teams For Two New X-Men Series

xmenblue_teaserMarvel will be releasing two new X-Men team series titled X-Men Gold & X-Men Blue. X-Men Gold will be written by Marc Guggenheim of X-Men, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D & Squadron Sinister in addition to several of DC’s Arrowverse television series like Green Arrow, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow. X-Men Gold will be drawn by Adrian Syaf of Action Comics, Batman/Superman, Batgirl & Brightest Day. X-Men Blue will be written by Cullen Bunn of Uncanny X-Men, Harrow County & Conan The Slayer with art from Jorge Molina of Star Wars, A-Force & Thor. More details at IGN

Marvel Announces New Darth Maul & Elektra Series Along With Daredevil Crossover Event

636147123430409860-stwmaul2017001-dc11Marvel has announced a new Darth Maul comic series from writer Cullen Bunn of Uncanny X-Men, Harrow County, Conan The Slayer & Monsters Unleashed with artist Luke Ross of The Force Awakens, Captain America & The Mighty Avengers, Captain America & Secret Avengers.

Marvel will also be launching a Daredevil crossover event titled Run With Devil with the current ongoing main title, the launch of the already announced Bullseye & Kingpin ongoing along with the recently announced Elektra series. Elektra will be written by Matt Owens whose previous experience comes from writing on Marvel Luke Cage & Agents of Shield television series with art from Alec Morgan. More details on Darth Maul at USA Today and Daredevil/Elektra at CBR

Marvel Announces Monsters Unleashed With Bunn & Several Artists

Monsters_UnleashedWriter Cullen Bunn of Uncanny X-Men, Harrow County, Conan The Slayer & The Sixth Gun will be writing a series title Monsters Unleashed being released in January 2017 with art from Steve McNiven,  Lenil Francis Yu, Adam Kubert, Salvador Larocca & Greg Land. More details at Newsarama

The Red Bee asks Cullen Bunn about his favorite Micronaut

Over the years, the Micronauts sci-fi toy line has inspired comics produced by various publishers, such as Image Comics and Devil’s Due Publishing, but most notably Marvel Comics’ Micronauts series; initially written by Bill Mantlo and illustrated by Michael Golden and Joe Rubinstein, the series ran from 1979 to 1984. The series featured heroic characters like Biotron and Acroyear fighting against the evil Baron Karza in the extradimensional Microverse.

This week, IDW Publishing releases its own Micronauts series, written by Cullen Bunn and illustrated by David Baldeon. We wanted to know Bunn’s favorite Micronauts character, so we recruited superhero the Red Bee to ask him.

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